What do speakers bring to boost sales of massage chairs?


Elaine owns a Thai massage chair company, and the massage chairs she sells are selling well in the region. Comparing her massage chairs with other brands on the market, I found that they have speakers. The speaker provides a better massage experience and higher sales for her chairs.

Thus, I researched how speakers incorporated into a massage chair can improve sales. 

You can improve massage chairs by including speakers. The speaker compensates for their limitations for the tactile experience. 

Massage chairs with speakers provide a greater sense of immersion. It does not only enhance the added value of the product but also promotes sales.

Many people enjoy music during exercise and workouts. The purpose of music therapy is to reduce stress and improve mood. Through music, one can express themselves. 

Implementing a speaker on the massage chair helps the user to have a massage experience. And also have music therapy. That gives the user a massage experience. 

A speaker in a massage chair makes the chair interact with the user as a therapist. That makes feedback easy and possible. The user should listen to the massage chair rather than read through the screen. Also, the user does not need to memorize the indicators of the massage chair.

Massage chairs with speakers allow wireless connectivity like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. This connectivity will enable the users to play music or sound from their external devices. 
They can, for example, use their smartphones.

For effective communication, speaker-enabled massage chairs could also support voice commands. This type of massage chair gives the user confidence. The confidence is that the massage chair understands him. The massage chair to talk and also listen to him.

Why add speakers to the massage chair?

Massage chair from the tactile level for the user to bring comfort. While the user also has a visual, auditory, and olfactory, taste of these sensory experiences. The experience of a massage chair has gone from sitting on a static massage chair to the use of a responsive massage chair. So, the user experience has improved, and it is easier to control a massage chair.

There is a great comfort that a massage chair can talk to the user. With the speaker-enabled massage chair, the user experiences visual, auditory, and olfactory, experiences. The speaker enhances communication between the user and the massage chair. The reason is that most of the speaker-enabled massage chairs have voice commands. 

Analyzed in achievable functions, the cost of supplementing the auditory senses is minimal. And the benefits are high considering that the massage chair is now automated. So the cost of adding the auditory senses is less. Since massage chair functions integration has improved. It could need fewer chips to configure the sensory unit to the massage chair. 

Here is the desired circuitry required to achieve the auditory senses of the massage chair. They will include the Bluetooth modules, cards, speakers, and microphones. And a few components that will connect these components to the central controller of the device.

The audio-sensory capabilities of a massage chair increase the confidence level of its users. 

For massage chairs with voice commands, the massage chair needs a feedback system through which it can respond to the user’s input. That requires that the massage chair will have a voice recognition function. Otherwise, it will be precise in carrying out the user’s instructions. The great danger that comes with the massage chair being taken in the wrong command. In that, the massage chair may perform an operation that will endanger the health of the user. It may also cause damage to itself.

How to join the speaker on the massage chair?

It is necessary to take into consideration the shape of the massage chair when reserving the structure for the speaker unit. The position of the speaker should be considered when fitting a massage chair with a speaker. 

The massage chair’s moving parts must not interfere with the speaker position. Massage chairs have a sensor on the side of the chair, depending on the shape. 

It is a need to know that the speaker should not be positioned such that it will be difficult for the user to hear from the speaker.

The circuit is assembled in such a way as to ensure the maneuverability of the speakers. 

The built-in circuitry should be flexible and give the option for the user to select speaker mode. 

Although a lot of people enjoy music therapy, there are still some people who like quiet environments. 

The speaker should have a function that could allow the user to mute and unmute it at will. 

Also, in case of damage or faulty speaker, the maneuverability should allow the user to replace the speaker. 

That does not mean placing the speaker where children or pets can access it.

What can adding speakers bring to massage chair sales?

Can give the user a more immersive massage experience

The user can experience a more immersive massage.

The audio sensory of the massage chair will always leave the user with a high level of trust and confidence. That is because the massage chair talks to him. 

Music therapy is a good option for users who enjoy music. 

Or for those that need music to relax. 

Capable of complementary narrative broadcast during the sales phase.

Massage chair technology has improved with the improvement in the technology. 

The secret of selling or advertising massage chairs is not only talking about the benefit of massage chairs. 

Advertising for a massage chair can emphasize that it has extra features that will enhance the user’s experience. As well as ensure comfort, and ensure their safety.

Can enhance the added value of the product

The extra functions like auditory are used to classify the standard of a massage chair. 

So, a massage chair could be either a luxury or a common type of massage chair. The user can always decide which extra-function massage chair to buy. That will depend on the budget and extra value of the massage chair.


Adding an Audio sensory unit to a massage chair is a great way to provide a greater sense of immersion. And also to improve the massage chair experience. Not only to enhance the added value of the product but also to promote sales.

By adding the speaker to a massage chair, the user could get instructions from the massage chair. That way, effective communication is obtainable. And the user will be assured that the massage chair will leave feedback by talking. Yet, there is a need to ensure that the command from the massage is correct to avoid misguiding the user.

Music therapy is a great way to relieve stress. People who love music can use massage chairs to play music. Besides relaxing the body, the mind is also relaxed. 

Given the current improvements in the massage chair industry, adding a speaker will cost less. Comparing that to the benefits it would provide to both users and sellers.

The audio sensory of the massage chair could make a massage chair different in the market. The sellers could convince the customer from the point of the music therapist. A massage chair massages the body and also causes relaxation of the mind. 

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