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    Zhejiang Guangxing Health Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2021 and headquartered in Xinchang, Zhejiang. It is an international intelligent health company that specializes in the R&D, manufacturing, and sales of beauty massage equipment, smart furniture, medical devices, and other products. It operates brands such as “KOSEI Guangxing” and “ALTIST ” and provides related services.

    Upholding the philosophy of “innovation enables sustainable growth, products and integrity determine the future”, the company is committed to becoming the number one “light star” with leading value in the global healthcare market.

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“Our job is to contribute to the health of society.”

“A beautiful compliment to any modern home.”

“Beyond of the essence, make the Future.”

“Relax your body to raise your mind.”


Kosei started as a small solenoid valve company


The workshop covers an area of 150000㎡


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Professional engineers R&D team


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Semi-atomatic assembly line


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With over 300 experienced employees


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More than 40 partners wordwide

Product advantages

Every massage chair produced by Kosei embodies the efforts of engineers and workers, so we are proud of the quality. “Made in China with Japanese Quality” is not only our own requirements but also the commitments for customers and the biggest advantage of our massage chair.

Only by constantly updating technology can we get better development. Therefore, Kosei also has a clear goal in product development. The iterative and updated massage chairs are added with new different technologies, so as to provide customers with more diverse choices, adapting to different market needs, and integrating into more people’s lives.

Service advantages

Kosei adheres to the principle of “Customer is the first key element”. Everyone of Kosei strives to provide you with the best service in the industry and any message you receive will be answered within 24 hours with all true and accurate information because customer needs and opinions are vital to Kosei.

Meanwhile, we will share our latest developments on social media in real-time and you can interact with us by following our official account. In addition to social media and websites, you can also find Kosei on Alibaba, the leading B2B market today. The diversified platforms will provide you with the greatest guarantee and best service.

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We have all the types of equipment to make sure you get the best quality!

Dial Torque Wrench

Ensuring the construction quality by testing every screw thread and fasteners

Earth Ground Resistance Tester

Ensuring the grounding quality by testing every shell and exterior

Rockwell Hardness Tester

Ensuring the structural strength by testing every different raw material hardness

Horizontal Calibration Unit

Ensuring the zero gravity sense by testing every part’s level benchmark

Wire Bending Test Machine

Ensuring the circuit safety by testing every wire and cable’s strength and endurance

Voltage Withstand Tester

Ensuring the electricity safety by testing every electrical component insulation level

Leakage Current Test Machine

Ensuring the user safety by testing every surface currents of chairs in extreme environments

Salt Spray Test Machine

Ensuring the Lifespan of the chair by testing every component’s corrosion resistance

Tensile Testing Machine

Ensuring the material safety by testing every different levels of tension

Transportation Vibration Testing Machine

Ensuring the outer packaging integrity by testing in every different road condition

Multiplex Temperature Tester for Electric Ballast

Ensuring the safe operating temperature by testing every single components dynamic temperature

Constant Temprature and Humidity Chamber

Ensuring the parts stability by testing in every different humidity and temperature

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