What smart features are you actually buying when you purchase smart massage chairs?


Nowadays, smart appliances have become popular in every household. Everything has gotten more efficient. Everything is efficient, from cellphones to smart washing machines to smart floor robots.

It stands to reason that the iteration of the massage chair is also becoming intelligent. Now, massage chairs are configured with more and more features. So when you choose to buy a brilliant massage chair, what smart functions should you look for?

Besides the fundamental massage capabilities, you may use the massage chair’s intelligent features. Innovative features might include body type recognition and tiredness monitoring. Massage program recommendations and intelligent connectivity are also some smart features.

These smart features are worth the money. So massage chairs with such functions can do wonders for sellers and buyers.

Adding these features to the traditional massage chair adds more selling points.

Read this blog if you want to know the benefits of adding intelligent and smart functions!

What are the main intelligent functions of massage chairs?

Intelligent systems can sense, learn, and adapt. They’re able to learn from their environment and respond. They can help make your life easier by predicting your needs and taking action before asking.

With the proper advancements, you can control your massage chair experience. Intelligent features help reduce stress and improve your health and well-being. They give you more time to relax and unwind.

The benefits of adding intelligent functions to a massage chair are many. One advantage is that those functions can enhance the essential massage experience. This is now done in ways that were not before possible.

For example, intelligent functions allow users to customize their massage experience. Users can select different types of massage programs and intensities. They can also choose a variety of pre-programmed sequences that have various movements.

Intelligent functions also allow users to personalize their massage chairs in other ways. Many massage chairs offer features such as speakers, MP3 players, and TV screens. They are used to display videos and other content during a massage session. Such features can help make a massage more enjoyable.

They help to remove everyday stressors such as work or schoolwork. They can also provide entertainment when you want to sit back and relax. People usually prefer this after a long day at work or school. This is because they don’t want to spend all day watching television or listening to music alone.

Massage chairs are designed to help you relax and unwind. The variety of intelligent functions can help you achieve the best massage possible.

Body Type Detection

Body type detection (https://intouchmassagechairs.com.au/blog/latest-massage-chair-technology/#:~:text=The%20chair%20is%20pinpointing%20the,massage%20to%20perfectly%20suit%20you.) is a new feature. It allows the massage chair to adjust the massage program. Users can do this based on their height and body weight. It’s a technology that provides a customized massage program based on your body type.

Massage chairs with body type detection can recognize and store information. This information ranges between your height, weight, age, and gender. These details are then used to customize the massage programs for each user.

This, in return, helps improve the experience.

How is it achieved?

The body type detection function detects a person’s body shape. It determines the position of the user’s shoulders, neck, and hips. The body type detection function adjusts the massage program according to body type. This helps maximize the effects on your body.

Here are some benefits worth knowing:

1. The primary body type detection function is for four different types of bodies. They are muscular, fat, average, and weak.

2. The massage chair will detect which type of body you have after a few minutes of use. Then, it optimizes programs to ensure that you get the most benefits from each massage.

3. Users can also set their preferences for massaging. This can be done by choosing one of these four types before starting a massage program.

What’s the purpose?

After the body detection test is completed, the user’s body shape is determined. Then, the chair provides a targeted massage for each body area. This helps people relax their bodies and relieve their stress.

Fatigue Detection

One of the most common symptoms of fatigue is drowsiness. It’s a natural response to the body’s need for rest and recovery. But, it can become a problem when it becomes chronic and interferes with your daily life.

How is it achieved?

The fatigue detection function is one of the essential features of a massage chair. It detects when you are tired and adjusts the intensity of the massage to give you the best results. The user’s bioelectric reaction is recorded. Also, the soreness of the body is interpreted by an algorithm.

The fatigue detection function works by measuring the electrical conductivity of your skin. When you are tired, your body’s ability to conduct electricity decreases. The chair can sense this change. It is done by measuring the resistance between two small electrodes (one on each side of your neck).

If it detects a change in resistance, it will adjust the intensity of the massage. This will not stop until it senses that the body has recovered from muscle fatigue.

What’s the purpose?

It can match the customized massage program by determining the user’s fatigue status. This function is very beneficial. It can help prevent over-straining muscles and joint injuries. It also provides a more comfortable experience for everyone.

Those who may be less fit or have had surgery on their legs or back will also benefit. This will reduce strain on these areas during an intense massage session.

Intelligent Connected (IoT)

A massage chair is one of the best ways to relax, but it can be even better when connected to the Internet.

The Internet of Things (IoT) (http://www.wi-linktech.com/index.php/en/Solution/chair-43.html) is a new technology that connects devices in one way or another. So they can send and receive data.

How is it achieved?

The Intelligent Connected (IoT) function helps users avoid setting up their massage chairs. With the help of this feature, they put in their phone number and password to complete the setup process. With this function, users can connect to the Internet. They can realize functions such as linkage and program upgrades with other appliances.

What’s the purpose?

This ensures that the programs in the massage chair are up to date. Also, you can control other household appliances while using the massage chair.

People can also set up their preferred music and temperature settings. They don’t have to worry about adjusting these options. This is perfect for enjoying the massage chair’s benefits.

Additionally, with this feature, users can receive notifications on their phones. They will be notified whenever there is an update to the massage chair’s software or firmware.

What does a massage chair’s intelligent function program do for your sales?

The intelligent functions of a massage chair can do a lot for your sales. It’s important to understand that not all massage chairs are created equal. But those with intelligent functions are likely to be sold more to your customers (https://homesbeast.com/3d-intelligent-massage-chair/).

An intelligent feature may appear to be a gimmick. But, it is a great method to boost the value of your massage chair.

These days, massage chairs also have many intelligent functions. They can be used as an alternative to professional treatments. The intelligent functions of massage chairs help increase their sales. The advanced functions also show that your products are the most advanced. This expands your competitive advantage.

The intelligent functions of massage chairs also attract potential customers. Those interested in high technology to buy massage chairs will contact you. Innovative technology has made these massage chairs more appealing to younger buyers.

The latest models have a lot of features. Heat therapy, pulsating massage, and even Bluetooth connectivity are found in new chairs. These functions ensure that users enjoy listening to music while getting a massage.

These features make massage chairs more fun and engaging than ever before. This helps them stand out from other types of furniture in the home.

Wrap Up!

The most important feature is the availability of massage programs. Everybody wants to use a customized massage program. So, you should ensure your innovative massage chair offers such options. Else, you can not count on getting decent results.

Finding the best massage chair may be challenging without doing proper research. Yet, you can get an idea of its quality by checking out its accessories. Well-known brands have their products offering extra comfort for your body. So, make sure that it has a variety of attachments to give you the best experience.

Smart massage chairs have many benefits, like deep-tissue massage and smartphone integration. They may seem expensive to some. But people will find out why they should buy these bright massage chairs for their homes.

In general, people should buy massage chairs to reduce stress and tension. Sitting on a massage chair can help people relax. It will help protect them from lower back pain and other common health problems.

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