Why did the L track massage chair begin to replace the I track one?


Massage has grown, from acupressure to various forms of reflexology. It has grown from stimulating some regions of the feet or hands to generating a visceral effect on different organs and systems of the body. 

The design of massage chairs has evolved over the years.

Though most businesses focus on the changes in the external features of the massage chair, there are internal changes too. 

Massage chairs have been around for nearly 50 years now. And for all these years, there have been changes both inside and outside. The main structure inside is also changing. The most intuitive upgrade is the guide. More massage chairs in the market now use an L-track guide instead of an I-track guide. 

Why is this so? Why are they creating more L-track massage chairs than I track?

Well, the answer is simple. The use of the I-type guide track is mainly to meet the needs of back massage. That is because the human back does a lot of work. The back also contains muscles that need massage often. These needs become the challenge that the I Track massage chair meets. 

L-track massage chairs came in as an answer to the demand for massage chairs to massage more parts of the body.

The L-track massage chairs are more inclusive in their function. Apart from a back massage, they can perform hip and lower limb massages. Due to the versatility of the L track massage chair, it competes for more than the l track massage chairs in the market. More people now prefer to get an L-track massage chair than they would want to get an I-track massage chair. 

Learning more about the L-track massage chair is advisable. Knowing the difference between the I-track and the L-track massage chair will help your business as a massage chair distributor. You should know how to advise a customer on the pros and cons of each type of massage chair you sell. 

Being knowledgeable in your field will increase the trust your customers have in you. It can also drive up your sales.

 Customers need to see you are knowledgeable in your business. You should be able to answer random questions touching the product you sell. Again, you should also know what to tell your customers. Tell them about the different options available. Telling customers what they need to know can help them make informed choices and get the most from their money. 

What to know about the internal structure of massage chairs

Unlike people notice, producers of massage chairs make changes to the internal structure of massage chairs. 

These changes determine the functions the massage chair can perform.

Recently, massage chair producers have liked to produce more L-track massage chairs than I-track ones. What could be the reason for this? Why are L-track massage chairs gaining popularity over I-track massage chairs? 

Everyone dealing with massage chairs should know about their internal structure. This article contains some things you should know about massage chairs and their internal structure. 

How did the I-track gradually evolve into an L-track?

We have the I-track massage chair and the L-track massage chair. 

The I-track massage chair is effective for back massages. It functions as a specific back massager. But, the L track massage chair is broader in function. Its functions include both hip and lower lip massage.

But, the massage chair industry produces what its customers want to stay competitive. More customers now request massages on their hips and lower limbs. These demands by customers necessitated the need for a broader massage chair. 

To develop the L-track massage chair, producers needed bigger massage chair sizes. L-track massage chairs require extra support to extend the I track down the length and do the job. 

With bigger massage chair sizes, the L-track massage chair is now possible.

Big massage chairs provide more support and wrap better. That feature makes the hip and lower limb massage possible. 

With the evolution of I track massage chairs to L track, we now have massage chairs that can provide back, hip, and lower limb massage. 

Will I-track massage chairs be replaced by L-track ones?

How is the market reacting to the presence of the L-track massage chairs? Are the I-track massage chairs going to fade off the market? The answer is no, and here is why:

I-track massage chairs still possess some features that are valuable in the market. 

First, they are cheaper to produce. The production cost of I-track massage chairs is lower than that of L-track chairs. This feature of I-track massage chairs makes producers save costs and gain higher profits. 

Also, you can fold the I-track massage chair for a smaller overall size. This feature makes it more space-efficient. I-track chairs are lighter and provide better-targeted massage in the back. They are also within the budget range of most customers. For these reasons and more, I track massage chairs still exist. There are specific consumer groups that require I-track massage chairs. It appears the I-track massage chair still maintains its niche in the market despite the presence of L-track massage chairs.

Future development trends of the track

What will future massage chairs look like? Will they be replicas of what exists or are we expecting something new? Well, to predict the future trend of massage chair tracks, we have to look at what the market is demanding. 

For now, it appears more research is targeting more flexible massage chairs. Something like a favorable blend of the two. 

That is to enable better self-body posture adaptability. 

Such a flexible tract can achieve body posture self-adaptation to better fit the user’s body posture.

There also appears a need to have each massage chair track at different price levels. That will help drive sales, as every customer will have a product that is suitable for his budget. 

There is no need to replace either the I track or the L track massage chair. Instead, improving the flexibility should be considered. In addition, the functionality can be improved and the pricing is placed in strata that every economic class can afford. 


Massage chairs have evolved from a wheel crank system that works the back massage rollers to the body. And to robotic massage roller systems with six or more distinct styles pre-programmed. It embraces the latest technology and growing to deliver more human-like massages to everyone. Each massage chair model comes with its specific features.

The presence of multiple massage chair products has given choices to those who have to deal with massage chairs. However, in other to choose what will work for you, you need to know how they work.

As a business person, you should know the massage chair type are you selling. Also, know their key features.  As a customer, you should consider the reasons why you want a massage chair and also your budget.

The massage chair industry continues to improve there will be more trends in the future trends of massaging chairs in the market.

We hope to see more and more models come to the market. We also love and enjoy the amazing features they add to these new products. Just one thing though, we have to keep up with the trend.

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