How to sell those high-priced high-tech massage chairs to consumers?


We usually say that products need to have stratification. Different layers correspond to different consumer groups. This is because they want to sell different products to different customers. That how to sell those high-priced massage chairs with high-tech features to consumers?

First, you need to do an excellent job of the crowd portrait’s local high-net-worth consumers. You should do this to understand the preferences of this type of person. To make differentiated features, you need to understand your customers. The addition of new functions will help your massage chair sales become successful.

It’s a common misconception that athletes only use massage chairs. Although such people love them, selling them to the general public is possible. All you need is to know is how to advertise them. That’s why we’ve put together a guide on how you can promote your massage chairs.

How do you profile the HNW consumer and gain insight into their preferences?

High-net-worth individuals are very different. Be it their spending, investment, or social media habits. They are different than the rest of the population. They tend to be more brand loyal. They are willing to pay extra bucks for good products and services. Also, they have a much higher social media engagement. They are more educated and tend to make more money per household than the average person.

But, the HNW individual is still a consumer. First, you must understand how they differ from the general population. This helps to build rapport with them on social media.

Researching the local business ecology

This research aims to find all retail and service businesses within any community. Then reach out to them with a compelling offer.

Here is how you can perform this:

Identify the top 5-10 business sectors in your country. After identifying them, find answers to these questions:

  • How many local businesses are operating in these sectors?
  • Which city in your country has the most businesses?
  • Which city has the least number of businesses?
  • Which area is it?
  • What is the average income of your city, and what is the average income level of your state (if you have one)?
  • What is the percentage of businesses that women run?
  • How many women are there in management roles in these companies?

Once you have the answers to these questions, it means your local business ecology research is successful. Now you need to move per this.

Research on local cultural preferences to make massage chair sales

Most of the time, when people try to sell something, they look at general statistics. But that isn’t always the best way to get results. Sometimes, you need to dive deeper into your potential buyer’s demographics and location.

For example, if you want to sell a massage chair, you may think that everyone would love to buy a massage chair. But, data show that only about 8% of Americans will buy one for themselves. Most people don’t want a massage chair because they can’t justify spending.

If you live in China, it’s the opposite. People in China love to buy massage chairs. But again, you need to dive deeper into local cultural preferences to know the actual results.

What differentiating features and functions can you add to your high-tech massage chair?

It is renowned that massage chairs can relieve stress and improve blood circulation. But, massaging the whole body with a single machine usually takes a long. If you are looking for a better way to massage yourself, here’s something to consider:

Add some unique features and functions to your high-tech massage chair. This will make it more efficient and user-friendly.

So what differentiating features and functions can you add to your high-tech massage chair? Well, I’ve discussed them below:

Designing a shape that meets the preferences of the local high-end market

There are a lot of different products in the world, and for each product, there is a diverse consumer group. In China, the market for massage chairs is very mature. For example, half of all households already have a massage chair. So, if you want to enter this massage chair industry, you must understand the traditional styles of consumers.

For example, Chinese people like simple and practical things. They don’t care about design as long as the massage chair can provide good service. People use it to feel comfortable. So, when designing a massage chair shape, it is necessary to consider the preferences of the local high-end market.

Add AI features

Many massage chairs come with pre-programmed modes. They also include timers, auto-massage, remote control, and auto-massage. Yet, most of these features are not enough. What if the chair could learn how each person likes their massage? What if it could beep if the user is slouching or putting too much pressure on a specific area? With the help of AI experts, you can get these fantastic new features added to your massage chairs to attract more consumers.

IoT functionality

Massage chairs have been around for a long, but now that people learn about their IoT capabilities, the industry is experiencing a boom. These high-tech chairs use sensors to capture user biofeedback data. This could include heart rate, skin temperature, and muscle tension. After collecting the data, the chair can provide a more customized massage experience.

If the sensors detect that the user’s muscles are tense, they can increase the intensity of specific massaging tools and decrease others. This is a highly exclusive feature, so you can add this to your massage chairs to sell high-priced chairs.

After you have done the above, what should you do next?

After you’ve done all the things explained above, here are the next and last two steps you need to follow:

Find the right supplier to provide you with massage chairs.

Many suppliers offer massage chairs, but finding the right one is tricky. You don’t want to be caught with unreliable manufacturers or shoddy products. Here are some tips that will help you find the right company from the start.

1) Interview several companies and ask about their manufacturing facilities. If they are not willing to take you on a tour of their factory, then walk away.

2) Learn about the materials they use to manufacture the chairs. Some companies might tell you that they use cheap materials to cut costs and make more money. Please avoid them.

Position your store as a high-end massage chair store. Complete the appropriate upgrades and conduct staff training

High-end massage chairs have become a staple of the healthcare industry. It’s because they deliver the highest levels of therapeutic support. But, many establishments sell low-quality chairs. It’s because they are less effective and need more maintenance.

There are a lot of leading high-end massage chair manufacturers such as INADA ( and KOSEI ( They have developed several innovative technologies and materials. Their technologies maximize both comfort and therapeutic relief.

You can position your store as a high-end massage chair store by selling only these brands. You can also upgrade your store with the appropriate furniture and equipment. Conduct staff training to ensure you can prove all features of massage chairs.


In this article, we’ve discussed some of the best ways to sell high-priced massage chairs to consumers.

Massage chairs are commonly misunderstood to be used mainly by sportsmen. The spending and social networking habits of high-net-worth individuals are all significantly different. They are more brand loyal and prepared to spend a higher price on goods and services. To make massage chair sales, conduct research on local cultural preferences. Make your high-tech massage chair more efficient and user-friendly. Do this by adding unique features and functionalities.

Massage chairs have a mature market in China, with over half of all homes owning one. Pre-programmed settings, timers, auto-massage, and remote control, are features of some massage chairs.

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