Is the massage chair with an ottoman the same as the compact chair?


There are currently a variety of massage chairs on the market for sale. Including massage sofas, massage office chairs, and other furniture with massage functions. Today, we will discuss a massage chair made into a sofa chair. What should that be called? Is it a massage chair, a compact massage chair, or a leisure chair?

These kinds of massage chairs are leisure chairs. It is different from the compact massage chair. The massage chair with an ottoman includes a separate leg rest component. This leg rest is without any massage capabilities.

The market offers a variety of massage and relaxation devices. Most of these devices are designed for particular purposes. In any case, you must understand the products you buy and the benefits associated with them. And to be able to differentiate them.

The Ottoman Empire was responsible for bringing the ottoman into existence as a piece of furniture. Before now, this chair is for residential seating. And these arrangements are without backs or armrests. Ottomans are usually low wooden couches stuffed with cushions. At first, it was made as a sectional piece of furniture to wrap around walls. But smaller versions evolved in different shapes and sizes. 

In today’s market, an ottoman is often paired with a sofa, armchair, or glider. And it is a part of your living room decor in conjunction with these items. While sitting in an armchair, people extend their legs onto ottomans. The ottomans have cushioned upholstered seats. An ottoman provides a footstool or a table as well.

What is the massage chair with an ottoman?

Modern massage chairs feature ottomans as an essential component. The ottoman provides comfort and a place to extend legs during a massage.

Composed of a chair body and an independent footrest.

In modern massage chairs, ottomans allow taller people to fit their legs in the chair. Making it more comfortable for them. 

Nowadays, this type of ottoman is in demand due to its ability to cater to a wide range of needs. This type of chair is suitable for people of different heights. The user can also push and tilt it back to the leg-parking space to sit back and relax.

Despite having an ottoman, some massage chairs do not provide much comfort. So, you must read through all the specifications. And also the features of a massage chair before purchasing. The functionality of massage chairs is evolving with technology. 

Mainstream styles currently sold in the market

NOUHAUS “Classic V2”.

It is indisputable that Nouhaus lacks features in a massage chair. The sofa does not provide therapeutic support. It’s a contemporary chair ideal for the bedroom, office, TV room, or lounging. 

The chair comes with a massage option if desired.

HOMCOM Massage Recliner Chair with Heat and Ottoman

The chair can recline up to 135 degrees so you can lean back. The massage system consists of 10 vibration points that target your tense spots from head to toe.

HOMCOM Massage Recliner Chair is a multifunction massage chair. The sofa set and a recliner. With the automatic function, you can select preprogrammed messages. Or you can choose the manual mode for various massages. It has five different modes: PULSE, PRESS, WAVE, AUTO, and NORMAL, as well as two intensity settings: high and low.

The HOMCOM massage chair allows the user to sit back and relax with a max tilt angle of 145 degrees. Using the knob on the sides of this swivel recliner chair, you can adjust the seat to your comfort level.

The massager features a heating function to enhance the effects of the massage. And increase blood circulation. Some feature ten vibration massage points on the backrest, seat cushion, and footrest.

The difference with compact massage chairs

* Separate ottoman components. Compact massage chairs do not have external ottoman components. But have a retractable ottoman. 

Retractable ottoman massage chairs are useful if you do not have a lot of space in your room. With the ottoman retracted, you can save between 15 and 20 inches of space. At first glance, you won’t even notice the ottoman of such massage chairs. You will only notice the foot and leg massager when you use it. The ottoman scans the user’s leg to ensure the leg length is appropriate for the user’s height. Use your feet to suggest to the leg scanner that this is your preferred comfortable position. You do that by applying a small amount of pressure. 

* The ottoman doesn’t have a massage function. In most cases, it serves as a footrest for the users. 

Implications for sales

Due to the large massage chair’s small use of space, the product placement is like that of the compact massage chair.

It is a product type of leisure chair, suitable for furniture dealers or integrated supermarkets to sell.

Benefits of massage chair with ottoman

An ottoman always enhances the massage chair’s appearance regardless of its size. Here are some other benefits of having a massage chair with an ottoman.

An ottoman can be of great help to those who have short legs. And cannot reach the floor while seated on a chair. In such cases (without an ottoman), their legs will hang, and their body weight will shift forward to compensate. The result is an unhealthy curve in the spine. The ottoman aids such people in maintaining a correct posture for the massage by balancing their weight.

Taller people can also benefit from the massage chair with the ottoman. That is because they have a hard time sitting in a chair that does not fit their legs. Since the seat is low, it forces the knees to rise. Using the ottoman, they will be able to rest their feet as it comes with a sensor that measures the length of the leg. And sends instructions to the adjustable footrest. Modern massage chairs also have adjustable footrests that adjust based on the user’s height. 

Ottomans are also useful for people of average height. The footrest is both a massager and a convenient footrest. You might experience numbness or muscle stretching if you sit for long periods with a footrest. It is possible to get a nice foot massage by placing your feet properly on the ottoman, or you can convert it into a recliner chair and enjoy the foot massage.


There are varieties of massage devices in the market. There are also several chairs or sofas with massage functions, such as massage sofas, massage office chairs, and so on. These massage chairs come with an ottoman. Massage chairs like these are called leisure chairs.

A modern massage chair has an ottoman that allows taller people to fit their legs into the chair. Since it is difficult for them to sit in a chair that doesn’t fit their legs. The ottoman makes it more comfortable for them

Those with short legs can enjoy an ottoman. As they can’t reach the floor while seated on a chair.

The NOUHAUS Classic V2 and HOMCOM Massage Recliner Chair with Heat and Ottoman are the most popular styles of ottoman massage on the market.

The major difference between the compact massage chair and the massage chair with an ottoman is that the latter has separate ottoman components. These ottomans do not have a massage function. 

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