How to market to your guests using the massage methods offered by massage chairs?


Massage needs vary from person to person. Some people need to solve back pain while others want to relax the whole body after exercise. Most times, massage needs are a reflection of many things. Their age, occupation, health condition, or personal preference could be part of them. Whichever the case, we can meet these needs. We can meet these needs by applying different massaging techniques. These techniques have varying effects on the human body.

 Massage chairs have evolved in response to different massage needs. They now have rollers, airbags, etc. These parts enable massage chairs to perform various massage techniques. 

Thus the question is: what massage techniques can your massage chair do? A massage chair can perform many techniques.

 Some of these techniques are kneading, knocking, tapping, and rolling. Shiatsu, vibration, squeezing, and other types of massage are other examples. A variety of procedures results from the combination of these basic techniques. This way, the massage chair can address a variety of massage needs. Selling massage chairs to customers is technical. That is because there are many massage chairs. 

Also, there are many individual needs. So, finding out what consumers need is key to enhancing sales. That is because you need to know what your customers need to address them. It is needful to please customers.

 Besides, you need to expose your customers to the world of massage chairs. Customers should also know some things about massage chairs. They should also be aware of the various massage techniques a massage chair may provide. They will be able to select the appropriate massage chair in this manner. Also, they get the most effective result from their massaging experience. 

Which massage chairs are capable of providing the required massage techniques?

This knowledge is relevant to distributors who wish to give their all to customers. It is also for customers who want to get great value for their money. It will help them get the correct massage chairs. Buying this way will give them the massage techniques they need. Below are some massaging techniques. I also included the effects of the massage technique and how the massage chair does it. 


Kneading is a massage technique that involves applying pressure to deep muscle tissues. It is a pressure-based massage technique that elevates the muscle. These elevations are usually in circular and upward strokes. 

Kneading increases blood capillarization. Capillarization is the increase in the number of capillaries. The volume of blood flow to an area increases as the number of capillaries increases. Capillarization occurs due to friction and stimulating movements on the skin. 

Also, the increased capillary density is good. It allows oxygen and nutrients to flow more easily. More oxygen aids in the maintenance of healthy muscles. Kneading causes vasodilation as well. Vasodilation occurs alongside capillarization. Both processes occur due to a rise in temperature in the soft tissues. Vasodilation and capillarization help with the exchange between cells. They do this by allowing more oxygen and nutrients to enter muscle cells. Kneading improves muscle flexibility by increasing blood flow to the muscles. 

How do massage chairs achieve kneading?

 Massage chairs knead by moving their swing arm left and right. Also, massage chairs with airbags can perform kneading. They do this by moving their airbags. All 2D and 3D massage chairs can perform kneading.

The Effects of kneading

 Kneading promotes blood circulation in deep tissues and improves metabolism. At the same time, it can reduce adhesions in deep tissues. It can also dissipate stasis, and swelling and reduce pain. It makes the muscles more flexible. Very often, athletes need to get their muscles kneaded. 


 Knocking is a massage method that uses a ‘knocking’ motion to apply pressure to the back area. Masseuses repeat this sequence in brief bursts. Doing this causes the muscles of the back to relax. 

How do massage chairs achieve knocking?

The 2D and 3D massage chairs can perform the knocking technique. 

The movement of the pendulum arm back and forth achieves knocking. It relaxes deep muscles and relieves pain. 

Effects of knocking

 The action penetrates deep into the muscles to help reduce muscle pain. People usually undergo “knocking” after doing exercises. 

This way, the pain from the activity reduces. 


 Tapping massage is also known as percussion massage. It is a method of treating soft tissue pain and discomfort. It does that by using quick, short-duration pulses or taps. These taps reach deep into the soft tissues of the body. 

One advantage of the tapping technique is that it improves blood circulation. Blood transports oxygen and nutrients to all regions of the body. Tapping helps improve blood circulation by massaging each body region. Such massages prevent potential health problems. 

Also, this massage strengthens the immune system. Tapping helps to rejuvenate cells and prevents stress from building up in muscles. Stress reduction through tapping leads to improved cell health. Stress reduction also reduces the risk of illness due to a weakened immune system! 

How do massage chairs achieve tapping?

Both 2D and 3D mechanisms provide tapping. Massage chairs use the pendulum arm to perform tapping. When the pendulum arm moves back and forth, it creates a tapping effect. The movement of the pendulum mimics tapping massage. 

Effects of tapping

Tapping is very effective for relaxing thickened connective tissues, etc. Tapping can also help people who want to take up an intense activity. 


Skin rolling is a massage method for loosening the skin. It also releases muscle tension, reduces discomfort, and improves flexibility. Skin rolling is a technique that draws the skin away from any locked muscles. It also rolls it forward in a continuous forward motion.

 How do massage chairs achieve rolling?

 Rolling and walking movements of airbags achieve Rolling in 2D and 3D mechanisms. These movements draw your skin from locked muscles. 

Effects of Rolling

The rolling massage technique can increase muscle flexibility. Rolling can also speed up muscle recovery and reduce muscle tension. It can also make you more comfortable and flexible. 


 Shiatsu massage is a full-body massage. During the massage, you apply rhythmic pressure to some places on your body. The massage does not you to strip naked. Shiatsu may increase dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain. Serotonin and dopamine levels may decrease anxiety. Researchers found this to be true in a 2015 study. Despite the limited number of Shiatsu research, researchers have discovered the following benefits: 

  • Bowel function has improved 
  • Fatigue decreases
  • Therapy for pain
  • Increased relaxation and better sleep quality
  • Depression levels have dropped.
  • Treatment of migraines
  • Pain in the lower back that has been present for a long time is becoming better.

These are some of the reasons massage therapists still recommend shiatsu. 

How do massage chairs achieve shiatsu?

The 3D mechanism provides shiatsu by pushing the pendulum arm back and forth. These back and front movements are very effective.

Effects of shiatsu 

Shiatsu causes fatigue relief. Rubbing pressure points unblock the meridians and causes soothing relief.


A vibration massage is a fine, gentle trembling movement. A vibration massage can stimulate soft tissues in the body. 

It also aids in the stimulation of nerves. It also relieves muscular tension and the reduction of stress.

Slower vibrations are a helpful treatment for producing a sensation of calm. Vibrations are an efficient massage technique for promoting stimulation before an event. Pre-event massage aims to improve blood circulation, flexibility, and mental preparation for exercise.

A vibration massage before a performance can help improve your results. Vibrations produce a short but focused massage treatment. They can aid performance by loosening muscles or actions. Vibrations can also loosen up tense muscles. They aid in the relaxation of tensed muscles. They do this by raising the temperature of soft tissues. Also, improving blood circulation helps the relaxing process. 

Vibration techniques cause a temperature increase by causing friction against the skin. Friction generates an increase in blood flow to the muscle. Friction also causes an increase in temperature. Vibration stimulates the healing process. It does this by restoring circulation to the muscles. It also increases the number of formed blood cells in the area.

Massage relaxes muscles by relaxing and separating muscle fibers. 

How do massage chairs achieve vibration?

2D, and 3D mechanisms provide vibration through vibration modules. Once everything is ready, the vibration modules of the massage chair start to work. Their action produces enough energy to stimulate the soft tissues that are soft. Some massage chairs provide vibration through a vibration module built into the seat. 

Effects of vibration

Vibration unblocks blood flow and promotes blood circulation. 


 Squeezing is one of the needed movements in Petrissage. For most people, it has to be with some other techniques to form the petrissage technique. The massage technique has many health benefits. 

How do massage chairs achieve Squeezing?

Massage chairs do the squeezing technique. They need the combination of airbag inflation and deflation. As the airbags inflate, you feel the squeeze. It normalizes when there is deflation. By doing this, again and again, the massage chair performs the squeezing technique. 

Effects of Squeezing

Squeezing massage enhances muscle strength. It also prevents muscle atrophy and reduces muscle spasms. People who have to do intense muscle works may need this massage technique. Squeezing helps them have fewer spasms and atrophy. The massage technique achieves this because squeezing boosts the strength of muscles. 

How can you use this knowledge in your marketing?

Below are some ways this knowledge can help you make more sales. 

Satisfying your customers

 One sure way of keeping and upscaling your customers’ list is to ensure they are happy. They should be okay with the service(s) or product(s) you offer to them. 

This marketing strategy works all the time and is not expensive. Try to find out from your customers exactly what they need. This way, you can recommend the massage chair(s) that will meet their needs. In this way, you will have happy and satisfied customers who will return and refer you to their friends. 

Training sales staff to make them more professional

If you sell massage chairs, ensure your staff members are proficient in the business. Members of your working team should know the different massage techniques. 

They should know the effects of various massage techniques. Also, they should know what type of massage chair can achieve them. 

Produce promotional ads to reach more consumer groups

Promotional ads should reflect your knowledge. 

The knowledge of the different massage methods and their effects can help you. It makes dealers more precise in their promotional ads. You can target age groups in need of particular massage techniques. 

You can also target athletes with specific massage needs. Whoever your target is, you can sell the right products to them. Selling things this way will make them happy. It can also cause them to bring you more customers. This way, your business stands a better chance of higher sales. 


 The massage chair remains revolutionary. That inanimate object can perform a variety of helpful massage techniques is thrilling. It gives people the opportunity to access massage at their convenience. 

People can now get a massage despite the time of the day or the distance to the nearest massage center. Since massage chairs are inanimate, there is a need for knowledge. Everyone, especially the dealer, should know what each type of massage chair can offer.

As a dealer, you should know how to differentiate between 2D and 3D massage chairs. What massage techniques can each massage chair provide? What are the needs of your customers? These are some questions you should be able to answer. You will also need to spot the massage technique they need. This way, you can recommend the appropriate massage chair for the job. 

Again, the dealers are the ones to engage the customers and share some of that knowledge with them. Sharing this information before they buy your product is needful. This way, they feel encouraged to get the product and learn more about it. You can also encourage your customers to go through the manuals of massage chairs. 

Applying this knowledge makes you appear more knowledgeable and trustworthy to your customers. It will also leave you with a long list of satisfied customers. Finally, it will increase your sales and revenue potential. 

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