How to avoid consumer complaints about the failure of massage chairs?


As a business executive, you never want to encounter customer complaints. After you have written a complete manual (see another article), we can solve most of the problems that may arise. So you should receive no complaints from customers. However, when a massage chair does not work, the consumer is furious. So how do you avoid customer complaints because of a severe malfunction of the massage chair?

You should avoid this problem at the source. Purchase high-quality products from the right factories. Focus your efforts on controlling the quality of your products. It will help you reduce the probability of getting complaints from your customers.

In this article, I’ve shared a guideline about tackling such problems. Stick to the end if you want to get rid of customer complaints.

Why does a massage chair break down badly?

Massage chairs are a few pieces of home furniture that have become more than just a status symbol or an item to add to the house. They have become a therapeutic necessity for many people, especially those who suffer from back problems.

The three main reasons this happens are:

The customer does not use the massage chair correctly, failing (probability is minor)

We have observed that many customers do not use the chair correctly.

It could happen this way: The customer uses the chair for 20 minutes to half an hour per day. However, when they stop using the chair for two weeks, they get back pain.

To avoid such issues, you should be familiar with using a massage chair properly (

Massage chair in the process of transport collision resulting in core injury (probability is also minimal)

Transport collisions can also break down massage chairs. This prevents them from functioning correctly.

For example:

Once, a man moved his massage chair from his old apartment to his new one when involved in a collision. The massage chair was being transported by hand, and during transport, it collided with the back of a truck.

The back of the truck ripped off the massage chair’s control panel, and its battery pack came loose. It crushed these components beneath the weight of the massage chair and its heavy cast-iron base, resulting in an electrical short. This short ignited the massage chair’s belt, covered in flammable oil.

Massage chair in the production of quality problems already exist (a high probability)

Even though massage chairs are supposed to be comfortable and therapeutic, they often break down in less than a year. The main reason massage chairs break down so quickly is that they’re not made using proper materials. The major problem is in their production. This means that they aren’t produced in how they should be.

You heard it right once I listened to my customer complain that the defective rate of massage chairs he purchased from other factories was even as high as 70%!

How do you avoid buying a massage chair with quality problems in the beginning?

The market for massage chairs is booming. There are many brands and models to choose from. The most crucial factor to consider is the quality of materials. By materials, I mean the ones used to manufacture massage chairs.

Research shows that low-quality massage chairs may harm your health. Massage chairs with a substandard build cannot reach the desired temperature or pressure to provide a relaxing massage. This can cause your body to overheat. It will then lead to heatstroke or even death.

Here’s how you can avoid buying the wrong type of massage chairs:

Choose a mainstream brand recognized by the market and become a distributor.

Many people wonder how they can get into the massage chairs selling game.

The most straightforward way to become a distributor for a company you like and trust. While many companies allow you to become a distributor, choosing a market leader is essential. Leading manufacturer dominates its space and has been around for years. This approach is your best chance of success in the long run.

Choose reliable and experienced manufacturers to cooperate in the production.

Many factories claim to manufacture goods for you, but not all of them will be ready to produce your goods accurately and on time. What is even worse is that they can also cause damage to your brand’s reputation.

Please go through our other article to learn how to choose a reliable manufacturer.

Choose a third-party quality inspection agency.

It will help to check the quality of products produced by partner factories. Do this before finalizing the purchase.

One of the essential parts of the development process is to ensure that you get a consistent and high-quality product. Quality inspection is critical to both companies and consumers. Therefore, look for a third-party quality inspection agency. It will inspect your massage chairs before finalizing the purchase.

Your partner factories can be dominant sources of information. You can get to know how to find a quality inspector. You can also ask them if they have any experience inspecting their products. Then research agencies they have used in the past.

What should I do if I encounter a complaint from a customer?

Whatever you do, don’t ignore a customer complaint. If you do, the chances are that person will write about it on social media, and you could end up with a viral PR disaster on your hands.

The best way to deal with a complaint ( is to respond immediately, politely, and openly. You should also apologize and explain what action you intend to take.

Follow these two steps and act wisely:

  1. First, solve the customer’s complaint.

I recommend that you start with the customer’s complaint. What does the customer want?

See our other article to learn how to solve a customer’s complaint.

  • Find out precisely what is causing the massage chair failure problem. Figure out how to fix it, and then you can consider whether to switch to a new provider.

Once you get the customer’s complaint, think about what they have tried to solve. Did they contact you directly? If yes, find out if your product failed them or if they cannot use it properly. If you fail, fix it by providing a solution and telling them about it.

Be honest when communicating with the customer, which will improve your relationship with them in the future. Customers are usually forgiving and understanding if you admit your product’s fault.


When a massage chair cannot operate, the customer gets furious. So, how can you avoid consumer complaints because of a significant massage chair malfunction? Most difficulties that may emerge may be fixed once you have prepared a complete guidebook. In this essay, I’ve advised on dealing with such issues. How can you avoid purchasing a massage chair of poor quality from the start?

Choose a well-known mainstream brand and work as a distributor for it. Massage chairs with poor construction cannot achieve the correct temperature or pressure. Before buying a massage chair, get it inspected by a third-party quality assurance company. Don’t dismiss a complaint from a consumer.

Please read our other articles to know how using a massage chair or starting a massage chair business can benefit you.

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