Will blood pressure monitoring be the next core selling point of massage chairs?


A massage chair is a product that focuses on bringing health and comfort to people. So at one level, it will be associated with medical equipment. More and more massage chairs have begun to carry health detection-related functions. The most popular function is blood pressure detection. Will the blood pressure detection function become a new selling point?

Soon, Blood pressure detection will be included in massage chair functionalities. This change will come with constant updating. Thus blood pressure detection function will drive the sales of massage chairs. It will also become the new selling point of massage chairs.

 To know more about blood pressure monitoring, keep reading!

How is the blood pressure detection function implemented in the massage chair?

External connection to a stand-alone blood pressure testing device to detect blood pressure.

Intelligent Massage chairs are based on detecting blood pressure and heart rate (https://www.google.com/url?q=https://www.researchgate.net/publication/261044111_Intelligent_massage_chair_based_on_blood_pressure_and_heart_rate&sa=D&source=docs&ust=1647199508120274&usg=AOvVaw0kz4fRiXbOMoh1rCyRfCPE). Most massage chairs will have sensors that detect blood pressure. The level of blood pressure is measured by detecting the pulse rate.

This requires a pulse sensor to be included for this feature to work. More massage chairs will have an external connection to a stand-alone BP tester. It will be used to detect blood pressure in massage chairs.

The pulse sensor, in most cases, is incorporated into the armrest. It can detect a pulse signal. In some massage chair models, you may need to place your fingers on a set of finger sensors. The finger sensors are located near the knuckles of your hands. These finger sensors are tiny. They can be challenging to detect if you don’t know they are there or where they are located.  

A blood pressure detection module is built into the core of the massage chair. (e.g., An arm airbag to detect blood pressure)

Blood pressure can be treated with lifestyle changes and a few medications. But if left untreated, high blood pressure can lead to life-threatening conditions. These conditions might include stroke or heart attack.

A massage chair has a blood pressure detection module built into the core of the massage chair. E.g., an arm airbag is used to detect blood pressure. The massage chair detects the user’s blood pressure when it starts.

The massage chair can adjust the intensity of the massage as per the user’s blood pressure status. Thereby it improves the health benefits of the massage chair.  

What does the blood pressure detection function do to help with massage?

Identify the user’s age status to provide the specific intensity of the massage.

With technological advancements, several massage chairs are available on the market. The new generation of massage chairs comes with sophisticated blood pressure detection functions. It is for identifying the user’s age status. The massage chair is programmed to adjust the intensity of the massage rollers. It is done according to the user’s age to maximize comfort and benefits.  

Identify the user’s muscle fatigue state to provide specific areas of massage.

According to OSIM (https://blog.osim.co.uk/benefits-of-massage-chair/), massage chairs provide tons of benefits to people. Thus, massage chairs are an investment in your health. As a result, you need to understand other massage chair features and functions.

A BP detection function in massage chairs identifies the user’s muscle fatigue state. It does this to provide massage to specific massage areas. The user can sit down and relax. Meanwhile, the intelligent massage chair will scan the user’s body for muscle tension. The chair will then provide the necessary treatment.

New massage chairs with BP detection function identify the user’s muscle fatigue state. They massage the specific areas according to blood pressure detection. The detection function in the chairs provides massage as per blood pressure detection.  

Implications for brands

The implications for brands are the consequences for marketers. It results from an action, change, or trend in the broader marketing landscape. Implications for brands describe the acts or trends affecting companies or agencies.

It could be outside of brand marketing. They might have a measurable impact on marketers’ efforts to promote their products. Below are the two main implications for massage chair brands:  

Dynamic understanding of product development trends

You must have a dynamic understanding of product development trends. This information provides a way to gauge which products might be worth investing in. Suppose you are an individual who is interested in putting your money into any venture.

You need to recognize that there will always be more valuable products than others. This means if you’re starting as a massage chair brand, you need to take advantage of this knowledge. So you will know what massage chairs or their products are selling the best and which ones are not doing as well. This will assist you to make better choices when it comes time to invest your money in something new. As technology advances, how users interact with and experience products will evolve.

To stay ahead of these changes, you must track product development trends. You should also adapt the product strategies.

Several factors contribute to the changing landscape of product development trends. These may include technological advancements, societal shifts, and economic fluctuations. These factors have significant impacts on user expectations. They also affect behaviors and market opportunities for new products.  

Dig deeper into customer needs to prepare for product upgrades and iteration.

When you talk to your customers, you can identify the pain points in your product. This helps to find out how to solve them. You can often find helpful information in online reviews. But it’s essential to build a relationship with customers and get their feedback. 

The role of customers is necessary for product development (https://www.emeraldgrouppublishing.com/archived/learning/management_thinking/articles/npd.htm). You need to understand what a customer needs, not what they say they want. For example, someone tells you that they like your product because it’s fast. They may be referring to its fast performance or its quick start-up time (or both).

When you go deeper into their use case, you can determine what they mean by “fast.” Your customers will always have different needs. The people who love your product won’t tell you about any problems with it, so it’s up to you to figure it out for yourself. If you do this before the competition does, then you’ll reap the benefits. This is only possible if you better understand the target area than others.  

Warp up!

Blood pressure monitors are still a new feature that is not advertised. But what is clear is that some massage chairs now come with them. The number of manufacturers providing this function is likely to grow soon. Many more models will feature blood pressure monitors in another year or two.

As it stands, the blood pressure monitoring feature in massaging chairs is a perk; It is not a game-changer. It lets you know how effective your massages are. The technology isn’t close to being that accurate yet. With improvements, there’s a chance that blood pressure monitoring could be the best.

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