What do Korean massage chair brand owners want when choosing a factory?


What do Korean massage chair brand owners want when choosing a factory?

We worked with a famous Korean brand. They have bought several custom chairs from our factory. And they also work with some other factories. We scheduled the first meeting with them to discuss the order. While interviewing their director, he told us the factors they consider to choose a factory.

While many factors influence a brand’s choice, the three most important are: regulatory compliance, teamwork, and delivery capability.

We’ve gathered all the factors that Korean brands look for in a factory. So, if you want to attract Korean brands, then this blog is for you.

Compliance with regulations

The first factor Korean brands look for in a factory is compliance with rules and regulations. Be it a Korean brand or any other brand. All brands prefer rules. You must know that all brands admire the adherence of everything to laws and regulations.

Rules and regulations are by far the essential thing in a business. They keep a business safe from tons of unusual and harmful accidents. If your factory follows the rules and regulations, it will improve its sales within less time. It’s because customers prefer partnering with a factory that complies with laws and regulations.

To avoid legal problems, you should ensure that your chairs follow laws and rules.

Not only Korean brands, but everyone likes factories that build products based on specific laws and rules. This is helpful to build valuable and meaningful relationships within society. It also leaves a positive impact on your customers in your area.

What do Korean massage chair brand owners want when choosing a factory?

Regulatory Requirements for Massage Chairs in the Korean Market:

There are a lot of rules and regulations that a product must follow. But for Korean markets, the two main regulatory requirements for massage chairs are:

  • KC Certification
  • Anti-Pinch Function

KC Certification

Korea Certification is abbreviated as KC Certification. It is an essential aspect that Korean brands consider. While importing any product to Korea, nationals look for KC certification. KC Certification ensures that the product complies with the Korean official safety standards.

If your massage chair is KC certified, Korean brands will be ready to import your massage chairs to their country. KC-approved products build trust in Korean brands. They trust in the product’s safety and security.

What do Korean massage chair brand owners want when choosing a factory?

Anti-pinch function

The Anti-Pinch feature is also one of the essential factors that Korean brands consider in a product. The anti-pinch function is used in all massage chairs. It prevents injuries and avoids any obstacles.

Massage chairs with an anti-pinch design for the legs and back are a perfect fit for Korean brands. If your massage chair is designed with anti-pinch sensors, you can collaborate with a Korean brand.

Korean brands are conscious of the anti-pinch function in chairs. It prevents all types of injuries and offers customer safety.


Teamwork always accounts for better production of products and high lead generation. It is the core of any successful brand. That’s why Korean brands look for cooperation in a factory they want to collaborate with.

Importance of Teamwork

A very valid point made by YTI Career Institute (https://yti.edu/), is that “Teams can’t work without teamwork.” This point says it all because teamwork is necessary.

Teamwork can benefit both the factory and the brand in uncountable ways. You can collaborate with the brand and contribute new ideas for business improvement. Working together also helps in solving complicated issues.

Once your teamwork produces the desired results, you will feel proud of it, and who doesn’t want that? Of Course, everyone does!

There are uncountable benefits of teamwork. From renowned scientists to local companies, everyone believed in teamwork.

Korean brands prefer factories that value teamwork. You might think it’s strange. But it’s not.

Pro tip: Effective ideas for betterment and enhancement do not come from single minds.

Behind every great idea, there are a lot of minds. Likewise, behind every thriving business, there’s teamwork. Without teamwork, a company cannot be a successful one.

Teamwork also helps in easing the workload. When there are a couple of workers together, they can divide loads of work. The division facilitates their hectic work. It also provides them with a better way to interact with each other.

Furthermore, when teams collaborate, they communicate, and communication increases the potential of individuals. This is something that helps brands progress on a faster scale. So, that’s why brands usually need companies who own teamwork.

Most capable businesses know (or should know), there are many benefits of cooperation. It boosts the adequacy of an association, and collaboration can also work on every part of the work.

It can raise levels of confidence, ability, productivity, and drive. It also further helps in understanding the client’s nature. Teamwork can likewise deliver more spurred individuals, a more powerful everyday exhibition. It will produce a feeling of proprietorship, better final products, and greater benefits.

A group regularly delivers more exact, imaginative, and helpful answers for issues. In comparison, an individual could not do so. This thought can be understood using “aggregate insight” or “the insight of groups.” Individually they may all be specialists at their positions. Yet, in general, the team’s aggregate information can be bigger. They can be more profound and more unique than any single individual could produce.

What do Korean massage chair brand owners want when choosing a factory?

How to achieve effective teamwork?

Executing effective teamwork within your team is necessary but is challenging. Effective collaboration requires a leader and not a boss. A leader who can guide the entire team and support others is the type of leader every team needs.

Effective teamwork can be achieved by implementing a diverse range of formulas. Some of them are:

  • Dividing the roles and responsibilities.

All the different roles should be assigned to responsible people. Every team individual should be responsible. He should complete his assigned tasks within the time. They should provide consistent updates to the leader and other team members.

  • Building strong relationships among team members

Strong relationships with each other are necessary to execute teamwork. Because if employees don’t have a strong bonding, they won’t work together. They need to have strong relations with each other and the employees of other brand’s members.

  • Understanding the purpose and setting up and strategy

Your team should identify the primary purpose of the factory’s consistent hard work. Understanding the main goals and purpose of the massage chair factory is beneficial. It makes easy ways to set up an effective strategy for driving sales.

  • Communication

Communication is the essential aspect of achieving effective teamwork. Communicate, communicate and keep communicating! That’s the only answer to executing effective and results-driving collaboration.

If you want to see results, then your team needs to communicate thoroughly.

A team leader handles effective teamwork within a factory. He also manages the partner brands by following these valuable tips and tactics.

Delivery capacity

While collaborating with a massage chair factory, Korean brands also consider delivery capacity. Delivery capacity refers to the number of massage chairs a factory can produce. It can be on a daily and monthly basis.

Importance of Delivery Capability

According to ScienceDirect (https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0925527397000510), delivery capability influences a factory’s performance. Korean brands look for delivery capability. It’s because they want the factory’s products to meet their expectations. With delivery capacity, they can also explore new ideas within the same market.

Seize the market

Delivery capability helps in seizing the market. If you offer high delivery capability, then you can seize the market. Seizing the market is one of the most prominent benefits of delivery capability.

What do Korean massage chair brand owners want when choosing a factory?

Guarantee sales

Your delivery capability is directly proportional to the sales generation of your factory. Improved delivery capacity results guarantee a high number of leads to a factory. It all depends on how your delivery capability is.

If your company has enhanced its delivery capability, then Korean brands would love to partner with you. A wide range of other brands will also collaborate with you.

Builds Brand Trust

Brand trust is also affected by the delivery capability of a company. Every brand values delivery capability. Offer good delivery capability to other brands and watch how it’ll build their trust in you.

In addition to the three most important points above, there are still some they mentioned.

The three most important factors that the director discussed were mentioned above. But he further said a few more factors that weighed less than the above three factors.

Cost control

Cost control is another factor that Korean brands prefer when they partner with any factory. Cost controls play a vital role in advancing a particular business. Companies usually want to partner with factories that focus on business advancement.

Cost control is the practice of minimizing investment costs and maximizing the ROI. This initiates the budgeting process. It is vital to make appropriate decisions while setting up the budget for investment.

What do Korean massage chair brand owners want when choosing a factory?

Cost control management plays a vital role in the improvement of work efficiency. When you manage the cost control matters, you will find a lot of unique opportunities to excel. With cost control, you can reduce those activities that were of no benefit to the factory.

If your factory has effective cost control plans, Korean brands will partner with you.

Design and development capabilities

Before partnering with a factory, Korean companies analyze their design and development capabilities. People also love the design of massage chairs.

Your massage chairs reflect your design and developmental capabilities. Your chairs should be designed and developed in a way that inspires brands. It should also persuade them to collaborate with you.

After all, it’s the design of the product that attracts people and brands towards itself. The excellent your massage chairs will look, the quicker brands will partner with you.

What do Korean massage chair brand owners want when choosing a factory?

For the betterment of design and developmental capabilities, you can hire professionals. SMEs can help in enhancing the design and development of your massage chairs. Adding such professionals will not only benefit your factory but your customers too.

Design and development experts know the tactics to produce products that people adore. So, if you want to get your chairs delivered to the right audience, you need to add experts to your team.

Product quality control

Product quality control is also one of those factors that Korean brands want in a factory to partner. By product quality control, it is meant to confirm the efficiency and quality of a product.

Massage chair factories have a separate department for product quality control assessment. It’s because this assessment plays a vital role in identifying the quality.

What do Korean massage chair brand owners want when choosing a factory?

Product quality control shows how valuable and improved a product is. Whenever a company wants to partner with a factory, they analyze product quality control procedures.

The better your product is, the greater your sales will be. Great marketing and promotion only work when the quality of a product is good. If your factory produces quality-ensured massage chairs, you will get tons of customers. There’s no chance that you will not attract potential customers within a short span.


I’ve shared our experience working with Korean brands with you all. This article highlights the essential needs and wants of Korean brands. They look for a lot of things in a factory. The three factors that weigh the most are rules & regulations, delivery capability, and team coordination.

If you also need to attract Korean companies, you should consider the factors mentioned above. If your factory also has such characteristics, you can partner with K-brands.

What do Korean massage chair brand owners want when choosing a factory?

Explore all the factors because these factors will help your factory excel. Excellence, attraction, and satisfaction are the three things that attract customers. And these three things are what drive business.

So, what are you waiting for? Implement these factors on your products and watch your factory thrive.

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