A Tip to improve sales performance – Give a cover of a massage chair?


A Tip to improve sales performance – Give a cover of a massage chair?

There was an encouraging increase in sales by 45.5% of a massage chair by a local shop. The sales growth happened because of the marketing strategies they applied in their business.

After conducting detailed study and market research. We found that customers were happy with the massage chair cover that the shop gifted them. So the massage chair cover becomes the unique feature of the shop. That makes them stand out from other massage chair shops.

One good way to promote sales is to offer some gifts and an incentive to your customer who bought your product.

When you gift your customers, you left them feeling that you care for them and got more than they paid. Then in return, they will care for your business and will refer their friends to buy from you. And when you are selling a massage chair, the best gift you can offer to your customers is a massage chair cover.

When you give a massage chair cover to your customers, it makes them see how you cared about lives and their safety. And also the safety and protection of the massage chair.

It shows that you want the massage chair to serve them longer. And not for your customers to come back to buy because the previous one has damage. Your customer will tend to trust you when you offer them such gift. It will make them refer their friends to buy from you. In this way, as you are building a chain of trust, and it improves your sales.

What you need to know About a Massage Chair Cover?

A Tip to improve sales performance – Give a cover of a massage chair?

What is a Massage Chair Cover?

It is a cloth material produced to cover your massage chair when not in use against external factors. Different materials are used to design massage chair cover. Some of them are water-resistant. Some are not but are flexible and easy to wash and reuse. The choice of your massage chair cover depends on your massage type. And the external use of the massage chair cover.

Is the Massage Chair Cover handy?

The massage chair cover is handy and foldable. It makes it easier to carry and saves space when not in use. Also, you can install the massage chair cover in itself. When you are not using the massage chair cover, you package and zip it by installing it on the massage chair cover and zip it.

What could be the benefit of getting a massage chair cover?

The massage chair cover is very helpful in preventing it from getting damaged. Attacks from house pets, rough handling by children could cause the tearing of the upholstery or leather of the massage chair.

Remember that a massage chair is an electronic device. When you leave the massage chair uncovered, it may get misused by strangers.

Also, substances such as water, chemicals, oil, or other liquid substances could spill on it.

It is difficult to dry the massage chair when a liquid spills on it. The reason is that not all massage chairs are water-resistant. Some have spaces and entrances in the chair where the liquid could penetrate the chair. When the liquid gets into the chair, it could cause electrocution, damage to the movable parts of the chair. And sometimes could cause the chair to stop functioning.

A Tip to improve sales performance – Give a cover of a massage chair?

Also, the cover keeps the chair protected against dust. Keeping dust, wind, frost, and other contaminants from your chair helps to protect it. Your massage chair cover will help you do this. It will also keep it from direct contact with the sun and other dirt particles.

In general, the massage chair cover helps to keep the chair neat. That will make it look new always and helps to extend the lifetime of the chair. There is another benefit of the massage chair cover

Covering the massage chair when not in use, can as well integrate with the home design. So when getting a cover for your massage chair, try to get the color that fits with your home coloration. So it wouldn’t look odd whenever you cover the massage chair.

A Tip to improve sales performance – Give a cover of a massage chair?
A Tip to improve sales performance – Give a cover of a massage chair?

What Materials are massage chair covers made of?

Massage chair covers composed of polyester. And with strong interior bound seams and very high-density stitching. Depending on the manufacturers, most massage chair covers of 85% polyester. And the remaining 25% is composed of spandex, soft suede, super-stretch fabric. Which makes the massage chair cover a good choice for outdoor covering.

The choice of the material used depends on the sole purpose of getting the massage chair cover. A good number of massage chair covers in the market are made of Polyester fabric. And we will look at the reasons behind it.

A Tip to improve sales performance – Give a cover of a massage chair?

Why Polyesters Materials is used to manufacture Massage chair cover

Polyester fabric is a good choice to manufacture a massage chair cover. The reason is because of its texture and advantages over other fabrics. The advantage is that the fabric used to create polyester is strong and lightweight.

Polyester fabric has become a popular fabric in the fashion industry. Because it is resistant to both shrinking and stretching. This fabric has excellent resistance to wrinkles, abrasions, and many chemicals.

The fabric gets dyed, it retains its shape very well. It is easy to maintain and you can wash and dried at home because it is a quick-drying fabric.

How to care for your massage care cover

  • Massage chair covers are machine washable.
  • Always wash below 40 degrees Celsius.
  • You recommended using mild detergent,
  • Do not bleach the material or wash it with a bleaching substance.
  • It is not recommended to iron the massage chair cover.
  • Keep the massage cover chair away from sharp objects

How and where can you get the message chair covers?

The massage chair supplier

The massage chair supplier should have it. Since they deal with different brands of massage chairs. They may be a difference in the dimension of the covers. Because the massage chair also differs in size. When you ask your supplier for it, they can identify the best fit covers for you. The massage chair covers from your supplier are better in design and quality. Because the materials are made of layers of fabrics.

We know that every brand wants to produce quality products to keep their customers’ loyalty. You can get the best massage chair cover from the product manufacturers. And also from a third-party brand through your supplier.

A Tip to improve sales performance – Give a cover of a massage chair?

Your local factory

You can ask your local factory to customize it. You will get quality from your local factory when they are good at producing covers. But the little challenge here is that it may be expensive. The reason is because of the cost of manufacturing a unit massage chair cover.

As a promotional offer to Sales

As a massage chair supplier, you can brand the massage chair cover. And integrate it into your sales program. Adding a logo to a massage chair cover and giving it away to customers is a great way to increase sales. It encourages your customers to patronage your services. The brand logo will also help a potential customer to identify your product.

Your brand (logo) on the cover becomes a FREE way to advertise your business. Your customer who has already bought from you becomes your advertising agent. It keeps speaking of your business in your absence.

People like buying branded products. The reason is that they feel special and cared for by the organization or business that sold to them. I will encourage you to brand your business and add your logo to the massage chair cover.

You may be asking; how to handle the cost of designing and producing the massage chair cover since they are getting it free?

In the real sense, you are not giving it out free because the sole purpose of every business is to make profits. Instead, you add it to the cost of a unit massage chair. And but make your customers see it as a gift that is not included in the unit cost of the massage chair.

The customer’s budget determines how you can increase the price of the massage chair. But the fact is that people attribute expensive brands with quality. Try to find out your competitors’ pricing and determine what you will price your product. No matter the factors that can determine your pricing, never sell below market price.

A Tip to improve sales performance – Give a cover of a massage chair?


Massage chair covers helps to protect the chair and the user. For Every electronic device or machine, SAFETY is a priority. When you offer the massage chair cover as a gift, which is a safety measure to protect your buyer, they are happy. You leave your buyer with the feeling of getting more than they paid for. With that offer, they will encourage their friends to buy from you.

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