Can We Eat Before Using The Massage Chair?


Can We Eat Before Using The Massage Chair?

After a long day at work, having a massage therapy session can be calming and relaxing all at once. Massage therapy is one of the most relaxing and well-tested stress buster techniques. The time that you spend on your wonder chair might be the most comfortable and enjoyable moment of your day. But if a person is not careful, this pleasant time can turn into a discomforting experience.

For the past few months, I have been hearing about many bad experiences of massage chair users. One of these massage chair owners is Sam. When I asked Sam about his experience, he said chair massage therapy is beneficial. But it could also be a little uncomfortable sometimes if the user is not careful enough. He further stated an incident when he decided to have a massage session after having a heavy lunch. As a result, during his massage experience, He felt restless, pukish as well as nauseous. Afterward, he realized that his discomfort is due to the heavy meal that he had during lunch.

Many health experts state that a person can eat a minimal amount of food before using a massage chair. This is because eating a small amount of food before the massaging session can help you relax better. But at the same time, you must keep in mind not to be hungry or have an overfull stomach before the massage session. As per the expert’s opinion, people should not use a massage chair after having a heavy feast. The reason is that it may disrupt our natural digestive process and result in acidity.

Why Is It Not Recommended That You Use A Massage Chair When You Are Full? 

The reason why it’s advised not to have a heavy meal immediately before using the massage chair. Some of the common reasons are as follows:   

Can We Eat Before Using The Massage Chair?

Severe Indigestive Issues 

Massage chairs can do wonders for your body, but if the user is not careful, they can cause serious health issues. The digestion process of our human body works in a proper way. Whereas the massage chairs may hamper the process if used without any consideration. The human body digests food in an upright way through a proper digestion process. Thus, when an individual uses his massage chair right after a big meal, the body does not get time to digest the food.

Hyper Acid Reflux 

Acid Reflux is one thing that can make your massage experience galling and restless. Indeed, massage therapy is beneficial for digestion. Yet you can’t ignore the fact that your body digests food in an upright position only. Lying down for massage therapy after binge eating a heavy meal does sound amazing. But it can have a harmful impact on your natural digestive process and can result in Acid Reflux. Trust me on this an Acid Reflux can be a lot annoying and uncomfortable.

Over Sensitive Urinary Bladder 

Using a massage chair right after eating a big meal can be a reason for your overactive urinary bladder. Think of it this way, that you plan out a comforting massage therapy right after a heavy lunch. But then, after a few minutes of the therapy, you have to go to the loo. Not once but too many times. Well, it will make me annoyed too. I mean, who wants to disrupt their pampering time? Not me for sure. It takes a while for me to take some time for myself and any disruptions are such a turnoff. So that’s why keeping a short time break between the meal and massage chair would be a much better option, right?

May Experience Bloating & Heartburn 

One other digestive problem that may occur if you decide to opt for a massage right after your mid-day meal could be a bloated stomach. A massage chair therapy involves soothing strokes that can result in pressure on your stomach as well. If you had finished a hearty meal in such a scenario, the session can be discomforting rather than relaxing. For people who often feel heartburn and acidity, the situation may worsen.

Why Is It Not Recommended That You Use A Massage Chair When You Are Starving? 

The next question that must be popping up in your head is can we use a massage chair on an empty stomach? Well, the answer is no. Using massage chair therapy when you are starving can be very risky to health and well-being, as it may reduce your blood sugar levels. For a clear understanding of the subject, let’s discuss the consequences that you might face if you go for massage therapy on an empty stomach. The severe consequences are as follows:  

Can We Eat Before Using The Massage Chair?

Nauseous Experience 

The most common issue that people face while having massage therapy when they are starving is Nausea. It is a feeling where a person feels sick as well as somewhat uneasy. According to some health experts, people must not use a massage chair when very hungry. The reason is that while using the massage chair, the smooth pressure strokes of the massage on the stomach area can make you sick. This action can result in bad stomach aches, vomit, or digestive issues afterward.  

Discomfort At Its Peak 

Another consequence of not doing the massage therapy in the right manner can result in a sore state.

Using the massage chair while you are starving can cause discomfort and irritation. As we know, we all get irritated when we are hungry. On top of that, feeling the gentle strokes of the massage chair on the stomach can make you super uncomfortable. Massage therapy might also result in a bitter and painful experience for some individuals.  

More Restless Than Relaxed 

The soothing pressure from the massage chair works to lose the tension from the joints of your body. The main reason for having massage therapy is to have a serene and peaceful time. But when a person goes for massage therapy on an empty stomach, it reverses the entire mechanism of the body. From being a therapeutic and soothing experience, it becomes restless and discomforting instead.  

A Few Essential Rules To Follow 

To have a calming massage session, a person must follow a few rules to make their experience 10 times better. The following essential rules to keep in mind are:  

Break Between The Meal And Massage Session

As per health experts, a person should take at least 30 minutes to break between their lunch and therapy. This way, the body will get enough time to process the food and digest it well before the therapy session. By following this thumb rule, you will be able to secure all the benefits of massage therapy. Other than this, going for a massage session at the right time can help you to enjoy one of the most tranquil sleep ever. Massage chairs work to calm down your nerves, balance your blood flow, and work on your sore muscles.

Can We Eat Before Using The Massage Chair?

Small Amount Of Food 

If you plan to use your massage chair after your dinner, make sure to keep your dinner light. Also, don’t forget to include lots of water to keep the body hydrated throughout. As we already know, an individual must not use the massage chair on an empty stomach and a feasted tummy. That’s why the best solution is to prepare some salads or a side of fruits before your massage session.

Do Not Starve 

Another vital rule that a massage chair user needs to follow is never to use a massage chair on an empty stomach. For example, if a person has not eaten food in the past 5-6 hours, he or she should not opt for massage therapy. Having a massage therapy session while starving can end in a discomforting experience. Additionally, if the massage therapy goes for more than an hour, you might end up feeling a little sick.


Having a relaxing session by using a massage chair can help you cure severe stress. Chair massage therapy can also help you to bid your tiredness away. All you have to do is to follow the above-mentioned rules to have a magical massage experience. In a nutshell, a person should keep a 20-30 minutes break between the meal and the massage therapy. It will help in having a relieving, calming, and beneficial massage session. Also, a therapy session after 25- 30 minutes of consuming food can help you feel refreshed and full of energy. Using a wonder chair after having a small amount of food during your mid-meal can result in a peaceful sleep. In case you don’t crave to eat a whole meal, grab a tasty snack before the therapy. Trust us when it comes to having a relaxing session there is nothing better than chair massage therapy. But all it takes is to balance the diet and your water intake.

Can We Eat Before Using The Massage Chair?
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