Would a targeted shoulder massage chair be your new sales option?


In reality, the massage chairs sold on the market now are more or less the same. Differentiating a product by changing its appearance is not enough. You will also have to upgrade the functions of the massage chair. 

I have compared most massage chairs. Based on my comparisons, there are fewer shoulder massage chairs available. So if there is such a chair, can you use it as your sales option?

The answer is yes. The shoulder massage is in great demand. If your massage chair for sale has this style, then you can attract a group of customers who need this feature. 

Since there is a large market for shoulder massage chairs, they are very profitable. 

They are massage chairs that target shoulder massage. Yet, many customers are unaware of this. Massage chair models that target the shoulders are very beneficial. Shoulder massages are among the most requested massages. Its importance and relevance to general health contribute to its popularity. 

Learning about massage chairs can give you an advantage. You can get your specific needs met. There is a unique model of massage chair that is for shoulders. These chairs are great for shoulder massages. 

Customers should be aware of massage models like this. Knowing what choices are available can help them make the right decision. Customers will also get massage chairs that match their needs. 

Why is the demand for shoulder massages so high?

Full body massage is an excellent idea with lots of benefits. Many massage therapists will recommend it often. The shoulders have some unique features that make the need for shoulder massage high. Some of these features include:

It is the most vulnerable to injury

Besides being the most flexible joint in the body, it is also the least stable and the most prone to injury. The shoulder bone has a ball and socket joint that can be injured. Many people usually report pains and discomfort around their shoulders. Selling shoulder massage chairs is very appealing to sellers for this reason. 

The muscles around the neck and shoulders can lose their balance of strength

The nature of work for many people hardly permits them to exercise. Many people’s jobs need them to sit for long periods. 

A long period of sedentary work results in changes to the muscles in the shoulder and neck. The neck and shoulder muscles are affected after the most common work experiences. That is one reason why most people need shoulder massages. 

The shoulder often lacks sufficient blood supply

Very people think they have to take care of their shoulders. Some people do not cover it up when it is cold. The shoulder area is susceptible to a cold. Also, lack of attention to warmth can lead to an insufficient blood supply to the shoulder. That can cause the muscles around the shoulder to become stiff and need a massage. 

Usually, people may need something other than a general body massage. They may need a massage in a particular part of their body. Often, shoulder massage is the most sought-after. Shoulder massage chairs are a great option for marketers. 

How does the massage chair target the shoulder area?

Massage chair models for shoulder massage have some included components. The massage chair design has enough airbags around the shoulder position. 

For shoulder massage, most massage chairs squeeze through the airbag. Massage chairs with shoulder massage components offer a variety of techniques. Kneading, shiatsu, etc., are examples of such massage techniques.

Massage chairs with the right components perform various massage techniques. Airbags, and rollers, are examples of such massage components. That is why customers should know about massage chairs and their massage components. When you know about massage chairs, you are more likely to buy the one that meets your needs. 

Which massage chairs have the shoulder massage function?

As earlier stated, some massage chairs have a shoulder massage function. Such massage chairs include the Inada Dreamwave Massage Chair and the Inada Robo Massage Chair. 

Inada Dreamwave Massage Chair

A full-body massage chair such as the Inada Dreamwave is ideal for people of all ages. They can perform the “Shugi (Therapist’s Touch). That technique is also called the Shiatsu Pull-Kneading Function”. They can also perform the Full Arm Massage Function. And the Full-Body Stretch Function. There is also a “Youth Program” for those who are 14 and older, also as the “New Swing Function”. 

Inada Robo Massage Chair

In contrast, the Inada Robo is an A.I.-powered massage device that is often specialized. Massage chairs are capable of performing many different types of massage. It is also precise. The Inado Robo has an easy-to-use interface. It also scans customers’ muscles’ position to give them a great massage.

The Inada Dreamwave and the Inado Robo can offer shoulder massage with efficiency. They are from reputable producers.

How can you choose?

Become a distributor of the Inada brand

If you want to become a distributor, you should go for a quality producer. 

Even when you have decided on a producer, you still have much to do. You will have to learn more about massage chairs. It is essential you know the models of different massage chairs. You should also be able to tell the difference between them. Distributors should also know the service each model can offer to their customers. Knowing this will help them serve their customers better.

You can become a distributor of the Inada brand. To do this, you can go to their official website. After that, you can scroll down and click the “Become a distributor” button. The button will redirect you to a place where you can fill in your details and contact them.

I recommend the Inada Dreamwave massage chair. This brand has always specialized in massage chairs. It can provide high-quality, high-performance massage chairs.

Find a manufacturer who can produce this chair for you and work with them

Find a manufacturer who can produce this chair for you and work with them like the Inada family.

They have been developing their healing craft since 1962. These producers have been producing world-class therapeutic massage chairs since then. They are the producers of the Models of Inada Massage Chairs. Their models are effective and stand out in quality. 

The models aim to continue to lead the industry and contribute to society through “health.”


When distributors of massage chairs increase, the competition for customers also increases. There are now many products available in the market. Many of these products come with amazing designs that make it hard to pick one from the crowd. This means every distributor needs to be creative. Distributors have to be innovative to beat the competition. That will be a way of ensuring they get frequent sales. 

But, by targeting a massage chair with a specific function, you can still have your niche. Having a niche in the massage chair business will help you target your ads. It will also help you secure customers and meet their needs. You will not only make extra sales, but you will also make your customers happy to come back another time. 

Shoulder massage chairs are a viable option. They have high demand and great functionality. 

Get the Inada Dreamwave and begin your journey to selling valuable products to your customers. 

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