What kind of massage chair should you prepare for your big and tall customers?


Jack runs a massage chair store in the United States. He understood the types and mechanisms of massage chairs. But, his sales are low.

There are many factors that could contribute to the fewer sales of massage chairs. But, the customer feedback and data collected in the region where Jack sells the massage chair show that more than half of his customers are tall.

In this case, the cause of the poor sales was that the chairs he sold did not meet the height and width of local consumers very well. So consumers didn’t feel very comfortable using them.

 According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Trusted Source (CDC), the average age-adjusted height for American men is 69.1 inches. That is equal to 175.4 centimeters. That is about 5 feet 9 inches tall.

What you need to know about massage chair size

A standard massage chair measures about 116 cm long when it is upright.

But, the length of the seat after reclining depends on the tilt of each model. The greatest height of this massage chair can reach 186 cm when reclined.

The massage chair’s seat width is about 80 cm. A massage chair should have an interior width of at least 52 cm to support the weight of many people.

The massage chair height in the upright position is around 116 and 125 cm. This size is enough to allow the entire body massaging. However, this site does not capture tall people who are taller than this size of massage chair. 

A common problem tall people have when sitting in a massage chair is that their legs feel cramped. Some full-body massage chairs have foot ottomans with slots for the feet. And some are not adjustable. That puts the user’s legs in an uncomfortably high position.

To accommodate taller customers, you should prepare larger-than-average massage chairs for them. These massage chairs are open-shaped so they can enjoy this product more.

Many massage chairs are available on the market that solves the problem of tall people. Those massage chairs are made to meet your needs. And will work with your height requirements. 

These models feature an extendable leg ottoman. That way, they can move the leg ottoman themselves. This feature gives their legs enough room.

It is necessary to consider the height of your customer in the region where you wish to sell massage chairs. Also, keep in mind that the massage chair for tall people is relatively expensive. The reason is the extra features of the massage chairs. 

Why prepare those even taller massage chairs?

Match local customer needs to enhance visibility and reputation.

Massage chairs for tall people are prepared to meet the needs of the market. The industry understands that many people could be taller than average. Tall people need massage chairs. The mechanism of a massage chair for tall people is a bit different from a massage chair for an average person. In this case, an average person can also be able to use a massage chair for tall people. 

Enhance customer experience and promote sales.

Massage chairs are to relieve pain and stress. But when a customer cannot get that on a massage chair, it does not worth selling. We cannot control our growth rate. Some regions have more tall people than others. These massage chairs are designed for tall people to enhance their comfort.

Pronouncing the selling of massage chairs for tall people gives such people the awareness that you care for them.

When a customer is unclear about the massage suitable for him, this type is always the best recommendation. 

Which massage chairs are suitable for taller customers?

Bigger massage chair

The mechanism effective action distance of 135cm or more.

The massage chair for tall people is longer than 135cm (4.2 ft). 

The massage track is part of the backrest of a regular massage chair. That enables the rollers to move up and down the back to administer massage therapy. The massage rollers won’t travel high enough on the back to provide an adequate massage range if the track is on the short side.

A massage chair designed for tall people has a massage track at least 27 inches long.  That massage chair track should have an “S-Track” design. That keeps the massage rollers in contact with the back muscles throughout their entire length.  The mechanism is an extendable leg ottoman that either operates automatically or manually. 

Leg components are extendable by up to 15 cm.

It uses pressure to massage the leg muscles of the user.  It allows the user to choose the length of the ottoman and feel relaxed in the massage chair. Because of the extendable feature, it saves space in the room. 

Foot components can fit foot size 45 or larger. 

Tall people indeed have large feet. Tall massage chairs feature large foot components. With feet sizes of 45 and above, consider a massage chair with an open-toe foot roller. That helps to prevent their feet from being scrunched up.

Open-design massage chair

Massage chairs that are not fully enclosed design

Massage chairs for tall people should not be fully enclosed. With the semi-enclosed design, the user can adjust it to their liking. The design allows the users to adjust their positions. And also control the massage chair while using it.

Compact massage chair

A compact massage chair is like a single sofa. It has an open design and does not restrict the height of the person using it. And it can be used by everyone. 

How to find this type of massage chair?

Become a distributor of brands that own these types of massage chairs. 

You may not identify the massage chair with features for tall people until you become a brand distributor. Thus, you can learn more about massage chair categories and designs.

Work with a factory to customize these massage chairs.

You can also demand customized massage chairs from the factory. To get a customized massage chair, you will need to ensure that such a chair is not readily available in the market. It can be expensive to customize massage chairs, and they are only available on demand.


The regular massage chair on the market is for average people. That massage chair causes discomfort to tall people. That is because it is not easily adjustable for them. To enhance the sales of massage chairs, you should consider massage chairs for tall people.

Most regions have a high demand for massage chairs for tall people. The ability to sell massage chairs for tall people has more advantages.

Massage chairs for tall people are also suitable for the average person, for this reason.  These chairs are usually large, with an open design. And with leg ottomans that can be operated either manually or automatically.

To understand more about the massage chair for tall people, you need to be a brand distributor. That way, you will learn more about the various massage chairs available. Also, it will be easier to demand a customizable massage chair for your customer. The reason is that you have established a good customer relationship with your manufacturer. And the cost of customizing the massage chair will be fair.

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