How does the detection function on the massage chair assist in providing a better back massage?


Imagine how uncomfortable it will be when you lie in a massage chair without full-body detection. It will not massage according to your actual body position. Still, according to the position it has been set to?

The massage chair mechanism ( concentrates on the back massage. The detection function is essential to provide a more accurate massage. This will determine how good the comfort of the massage chair is.

Read to know how this function of massage chairs provides a better back massage. The first thing to know about chairs is that they have different motors. Motors are different for both rollers and shiatsu heads.

A detection function is an excellent tool for receiving a comfortable back massage. The detection function allows the user to set different points on their body. They would like these parts to be massaged. When the chair moves over these areas, it will apply extra pressure to those points. For example, if a person wants their lower back massaged more than anything else during their massage session, they can set this point on the chair and increase the intensity of pressure.

How does the detection function assist in back massage?

Detection determines the shoulder and neck position of the human body. It locates the zoning position of muscle groups throughout the body. Thus provides precise and effective massage.

Tens of millions of people sit on massage chairs to relax their back and ease their stress. Yet, it is not easy for them to find out how the detection function of massage chairs works.

The detection function ( determines the most appropriate massage spot and intensity level. This is based on the user’s body condition, including weight, gender, and height. The chair will apply different intensity levels when massaging other body parts. It also has a remote control that enables the user to change the massage spot or intensity level anytime.

Massage chairs are designed to provide a relaxing, deep-tissue massage. What makes them different from the massages that we get in human massage is that deep-tissue massage reduces stress and tension from our muscles and joints, enabling us to relax.

The chair’s detection function helps determine pressure points where the user needs pressure. The whole body can be massaged until the pressure points are identified.

Massage chairs have become a popular choice for many people who wish to relax. It is used to relieve stress. It is a comfortable place where you can sit down, move back and forth, or even lie down in a chair to enjoy a massage.

The detection function of the massage chair determines the shoulder or neck position. The control function of each point of the massage chair is based on this detection function. If the detection function detects no movement, it massages your body without pause.

What is the principle of the detection function?

The two mainstream detection methods currently on the market are:

Micro-current detection – Mechanism action to the shoulder and neck position. It happens because of the resistance from the shoulder and neck. This needs more power to maintain the action. Currently, the voltage remains constant, and the current rises. So it determines the shoulder and neck position. This method is used in a 3D massage chair.

Micro-current detection function is a new way of massage chairs. It can detect the current status of the human body and adjust the massage. For example, it will give a firmer massage in case of tired muscles or a warmer massage in cold muscles. This function can make people feel comfortable and relaxed after long busy days.

Light sensing detection – Mechanism action to the shoulder and neck position. It provides massage swing arm posture changes. This blocks the light sensor from determining the human shoulder and neck position. This method is used in a 2D massage chair.

A massage chair that senses light will alter the intensity of its massage based on the amount of light in a room. This is an extra feature that few chairs come with.

Importance of detection function

Back massage is an essential function of the massage chair. The detection function will improve the accuracy of massage.

Massage chairs are something that has become popular in recent years. Many people like to be pampered by a massage chair. This is because of its stress-relieving properties.

The detection function is an essential part of massage chairs. It can detect different parts of your body and adjust massage intensity. Some high-end massage chairs can even analyze your muscle structure. And they suggest a suitable massage program.

Massage chairs’ primary purpose ( is to make you feel relaxed. They relieve your body pressure and enhance blood circulation. But, not every massage chair has a detection function. Now let’s figure out what is the significance of it in a massage chair.

The function detects if the user is not comfortable with the pressure of the airbag. The users can set the required parameters. It can be done through a remote control or a digital interface on the chair. Then, users can choose one of the preset programs according to their requirements.

The massage chair detection function is a selling point and can help promote sales. Massage chairs are sold online, so they need to sell well. One of the ways they do this today is through a detection function. This is when a product senses what part of the body needs attention and focuses on that part. Massage chairs use this function to direct vibrations to areas that need it most, such as the upper back or neck.

Detecting parts of the body that need massage can account for effective selling.


The detecting function selects the most appropriate massage region and intensity level. It’s based on the user’s condition, such as weight, gender, and height. This function allows the user to select different spots on their body. They would use these body parts to be massaged. The chair will apply more significant pressure to these regions as it passes over them. The detecting function identifies the human body’s shoulder or neck location. This detecting feature is used to control each point of the massage chair. If the detecting function determines that your body is not moving, it will massage the body.

The detection functions identify whether the user is comfortable with the vibrations. It also accounts for airbag pressure. This feature allows massage chairs to target vibrations to specific locations. Specific locations may include the upper back.

The detection function on a massage chair is designed to help you. It ensures that you get the best possible experience for your back massage. It ensures that you are positioned and don’t need to hold yourself up. It supports your weight and provides heat where required. It also ensures that no pressure points are stressed.

The detection function is an essential feature of a massage chair. Without it, it would not be easy to target a specific area for treatment. This may cause discomfort for the user. Feel free to explore our other articles to learn more about massage chairs.

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