As a purchaser, how do you identify the airbag set data provided by the supplier?


As a purchaser, how do you identify the airbag set data provided by the supplier?

I have a customer who is thinking of entering the massage chair industry. He had a basic knowledge of the technology and principle of a massage chair. When he asked me about the product configuration. He asked about the number of airbags. And I quote, “Each manufacturer says they have more than 65 airbags, is that true?” 

The number of airbags in the massage chair varies based on brand and manufacturing. 

The reason is that they have not been industrial standards for massage chairs designs. Companies manufacture, package, and sell various models of massage chairs. 

Thus, the massage chair’s concept, design, and standard are configuration are based on company research. And what the company believes is best in the industry.

In today’s world, massage chairs offer more features. And are more advanced than ever before. That can make the simple task of choosing a massage chair confusing.

As a purchaser, how do you identify the airbag set data provided by the supplier?

In recent improvement, the airbag massage chair has been adopted widely over a roller massage chair.  The reason is because of its great medical benefit.

As a result, the number of airbags installed in a massage chair depends on the manufacturers. It is crucial to test that your goods are the same as the contractual agreement. Counting airbags is a simple way to test the number of them.

Airbags are located all over the chair to provide relief to your entire body. They are located inside the seat, on the sides of the chair, in the foot ottoman. And on the backrest.

What are massage chair airbags? How do they work?

Airbags provide a new massage technique in your massage chair. Massage chair airbags are located throughout the chair to provide relief throughout your entire body. Particularly in areas where rollers cannot reach. Such as the shoulders, neck, arms, legs, and feet. Airbags squeeze, compress, knead, roll, and swing the body. 

In compressing, the airbags are working in a wave-like motion to let muscles relax. As well as push the muscles into the rollers more for a deeper massage. 

In kneading, the airbags simulate human fingers to help increase circulation. In some cases, airbags can be positioned to provide rotation of different areas, such as the lower back. An inflated airbag pushes your lower back forward. And a second airbag rotates one side of your hip, releasing your lower back.

An airbag massage chair uses airbags rather than massage rollers. Most massage chairs have both mechanisms. In contrast to rollers, airbags provide a softer massage that doesn’t reach deep muscles. 

As a purchaser, how do you identify the airbag set data provided by the supplier?

The working principle of the massage airbag

The massage chair has built-in air pumps to create gas into the solenoid valve. Solenoid valves send gas to each airbag causing the airbags to bulge. The gas is discharged by surface tension or spring squeeze.

Massage chairs with airbags allow you to adjust the intensity of their operation. This option has not been available with the roller massage chair.

It is wise to adjust the intensity in cases of ailments like varicose veins. That is especially important at the beginning of your experience with the massage chair. At this time, when the muscles are unfamiliar to being massaged, and tensions appear. 

Massage chair airbag will generally be placed in which position? Corresponding to which massage function?

The airbags are positioned in areas where the roller technology will not work well on the massage chair. These areas are: 

  • The Shoulder: The airbags in this area perform the shoulder squeeze massage. This area works for the rear, front, side, and back.
  • Hand: This takes care of arm and palm squeeze and kneads massage
  • Seat: The seat airbag handles the waist and hip massage
  • Legs: For the calf squeeze massage
  • Feet: This airbag fixed foot surface with bottom kneading massage
As a purchaser, how do you identify the airbag set data provided by the supplier?

In regional settings, airbags are designed to fit large muscle groups such as the hips and waist. And the coverage effect is better than that of small airbags. The reason is that there are many small airbags. And there are gaps between the airbags, which will cause the inability to press.

Also, the strength of the small airbag is insufficient to meet the pressure requirements of the large muscle group. Forearm and foot are different from large muscle groups with weak tolerance and small areas. So small airbags are often used. In general, the airbag distribution should be limited to limbs (usually arms, calves, and feet), lower waist, and shoulders.

How to count the number of massage chair airbags? The difference between a group of airbags and an airbag?

Step one:

The first step is to determine the distribution of airbags on the massage chair. How many locations?

An airbag can be anywhere between a dozen and 100 airbags on a massage chair. The number of airbags is the sum of the individual airbags found on the massage chair. 

Step two:

The next step is to determine the actual number of each position. And distinguish between a group of airbags or one airbag at a position.

The airbag group refers to the positions of the massage chair that contain airbags. Each group contains several airbags. The faster way to count the airbags is to identify the airbag groups. And count the number of airbags in each group. 

Here are the available airbag groups you should know;

  • The shoulder.
  • The side seat.
  • The Arm and Hand.
  • The Low Back.
  • The Neck.
  • The Calves.
  • The Feet. 

These groups are the area of the body that the massage chair should operate on the user. The group may be the same for many brands and designs of massage chairs. Yet, the number of airbags available in those groups depends on the manufacturers. 

As a purchaser, how do you identify the airbag set data provided by the supplier?

Ask the manufacturer for the airbag drawing

The manufacturer can provide you with drawings of the airbags in the massage chair. Check the drawings for the number of airbags installed in the massage chair.

Disassemble the sample and count the airbags

Disassemble the sample and confirm the condition of the airbag in each position. Using that method, you can check whether the number on the airbags on the massage chair is right. 

To check the number of the airbag on the massage chair, be sure you know how to identify the airbags on the massage chair. 

You need to know that the newer massage chairs may contain fewer airbags than on older models. The reason is that the newer technology allows the airbags to cover more surface area while still massaging important areas. But, the manufacturer must always state the number of the airbags. 


Massage chairs are a convenient way to include massage in your healthcare regimen. The reason is because of the health benefits of using airbag technology. The compression massage created by the airbags in a massage chair helps to improve circulation while also soothing tired, aching muscles. Compression massage can also relieve swelling

As a purchaser, how do you identify the airbag set data provided by the supplier?

The simplest way to know the number of airbags in each massage chair is to count them.

Make sure you verify the number of airbags in your massage chair you plan to sell. According to the number of airbags in the massage chair you sell, your consumers will decide whether you are a good businessperson or not. 

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