A look at the future, how to integrate artificial intelligence and massage chairs?



 Over time now, there has been an improvement in technology. Artificial Intelligent technology is being combined with non-intelligent products to make them smarter. The massage chair Industry is also undergoing the same changes. The massage chair industry needs to secure future business opportunities. How can massage chairs leverage AI technology to make them intelligent? And relevant in the future? 

massage chair design was to replicate a massage therapist. They are chairs designed to provide massages. There are two types of massage chairs. A traditional massage chair uses a masseur to reach a massage recipient’s head and back. And robotic massage chairs rely on electronic vibrations. And motors to provide massage therapy. A massage chair is an electronic device that follows a set of instructions. But, the instructions to only the preset instructions by the manufacturer.

So, it has limitations which include; the inability to figure what the user wants at that moment. It is unnecessary to massage someone injured or sick. In this case, the user or the operator handles figuring out what to do. Medical cases will remain the challenge of using the massage chair. Unless it incorporates Artificial Intelligent (AI) technology.


The emergence of AI provides the upgrade possibility for the control system, interactive systems, personalized massage of the massage chair. It is one of the main directions of future development, the integration of AI into your product, will effectively enhance the competitiveness of your massage chair products

What is AI technology?

 Artificial intelligence (AI) deals with building intelligent machines. The machine that can perform tasks performed by humans. Such a machine is subject to learning and updates its knowledge. By accumulating large amounts of information, it can come to the best decision every time. That was because it uses the enormous piece of information it has collected. AI technology collects, learn and sample data since it is an internet-controlled device. The devices have access to the cloud. As such, they talk to each other and share their results and learn from each other. These are the features of AI that make it unique: 

  • Drop dull tasks
  • Data ingestion
  • Imitates human cognition
  • Futuristic
  • Prevent natural disasters
  • Facial Recognition and Chatbots.

Current application of AI technology in home appliances.

Artificial intelligence has applications in household appliances. This relates to home safety & security, lighting, and entertainment. As a result, several key industries are integrating artificial intelligence. The integration of AI technology in a home is forecast to generate over 600 million USD by 2024. Voice recognition functions are available on several AI technology home appliances. That makes it easier for their owners to interact with them. Here are some current applications of AI technology in homes.

Smart Kitchen: You can automate parts of the cooking procedure with these appliances. You can stay informed about how your food is getting cooked, or you can follow along with your recipe. Leading companies in the artificial intelligence space already offer smart appliances. These appliances have features like Wi-Fi-enabled ovens, dishwashers, air conditioners, and refrigerators.


Smart Security Doors: These AI technology does work to secure the building and the owner. It uses some complex technology to perceive if the owner is in a bad mood or under attack. In such cases, it performs some functions to either let everyone in or lock the door behind the attackers. Some of these doors control and registered with the police.

How to achieve AI technology combined with massage chairs?

The combination of AI technology is achievable. Smart decisions that usually can be done by the user have now managed the massage chair. The following are a few areas in which AI technology can apply to a massage chair.


Control System

Controlling the massage chair by voice recognition technology. Also an advanced recognition system like facial expressions and responses to stimuli. Here, the user can talk to the massage chair. And hear the massage chair respond to instructions through voice recognition. The user does not need to set up the massage chair for use with this technique. Rather, the user speaks to the massage chair and sees the massage carry out the instruction. The massage chair can only respond to the command of the authorized persons. That increases the security level of the massage chair.

Also, the massage chair can read and understand when the user is not comfortable. If the user has an injury or is under too much pressure, then this may be the case. The massage chair could understand the behavior and adjust itself.

Interactive System

The AI technology involves big data in a cloud base network. Thus, the massage chair collects samples of data and reports from different users. The big data collected from the massage chair, helps it can understand health trends. And could recommend massage therapists and make medical recognition to the users. The access to big data by the massage is the function that will make the massage chair updated. The user will not need to get another massage chair that has new data installed.

Rather year after year, the massage chair will still be relevant and update. The manufacturers can update the operating system of the message over the network. Personalized massaging: The massage chair can understand and identify each user’s body condition. And provide personalized massaging. This function is possible since the massage chair will have a memory. Which will use to store the individual user’s body.

What else can AI technology and massage chairs create in the future?

Here are other benefits of integrating AI technology into a massage chair. This benefit also will make it more relevant in the future.

For different home environments evolved into different appearances with.

Different homes have different settings. With AI in the massage chair, the massage chair can identify the users’ environment. Depending on the length of time and the duration in which the user sits on the massage chair. The massage chair will determine the type of massage that is fit for them. 


Provides a more simulated massage technique through a more refined operation.

 Its Operating System can update over the network since the massage chair learns from big data. It will be easy to massage techniques from the result, research. And findings that improve over time. 

Provides a more immersive massage experience with a stronger sense of ambiance.

The smart massage chair can understand the time and weather conditions. With this information, the massage can give a strong sense of ambiance. The smart device can work well better than when human controls it. 


The integration of AI technology with the massage chair is an advantage. That will make the massage chair more relevant in the future. The AI technology will increase the safety of using massage chairs. The reason is that it will improve the health and security of the user. From the pull of big data resources, the massage can learn and discover ways to help the users. This function enables the data collection to interpret by humans. Also, the operating system software can be modifying over the network. So, the user does not need to buy another massage chair when there is an improvement in technology. 


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