All the factories are saying they are producing 3D massage chairs. Can you tell the difference?


All the factories are saying they are producing 3D massage chairs. Can you tell the difference?

Thein is a local massage chair dealer in Myanmar. Thein is aware of 2D or 3D or 4D massage chairs technology though he does not understand much about the difference. But Thein overtime has claimed to be dealing with 3D mechanism massage chairs. Thein could say that based on what the producers say about their products.

Thein did not understand the differences between various massage chair movements mechanisms. Till the local market supervision department punished him for deceiving his customers. 

The massage chair industry evolves with improving technology. That forms the indexes to measure the improvement of the massage chair in the industry. Thus, many manufacturers of massage chairs exaggerate their products in their publicity.

So, it is a must to know the product before purchasing or selling it to your customers. 

Some massage chair manufacturers will exaggerate their products in the publicity, so it is very important to have product knowledge for the purchaser. The most important basis for distinguishing whether the massage chair is a 3D mechanism is whether the massage mechanism can actively provide forward and backward massage

All the factories are saying they are producing 3D massage chairs. Can you tell the difference?

Meanwhile, the 2D massage chair is the older form of massage chair in which the rollers move in two dimensions. The rollers of a 2D massage chair stick to the X and Y axes. They move upward and downward from the neck to the lower back. They can also move sideways, but only in two dimensions. 

What exactly is a 3D massage chair?

Massage chair with a built-in 3D massage mechanism

The 3D massage chairs have added a new dimension to their predecessors. 3D massage chairs have massage rollers that move in the X, Y, and Z axes. 

Additionally to moving up and down, side by side, and back and forth, they also move forward and backward. The rollers in a 3D massage chair can move deeper into the back muscle and push the tissues further. As a result, the rollers are pushed deeper into the spine and retracted further from it. 

All the factories are saying they are producing 3D massage chairs. Can you tell the difference?

3D massage mechanism identification criteria.

3D massage chairs can extend further out from the track. And reach areas that are usually ignored by regular chairs, such as the upper neck and shoulders. When the rollers make these movements, they feel more like a human masseuse. And deliver deep massages.

3D massage mechanism types

Massage chairs mechanism is of two main types. The pneumatic (the airbag) and roller technology. 


A massage chair with airbags provides a new type of massage. The airbags are throughout the massage chair. 

And provides relief throughout the entire body. That is particularly helpful in areas where rollers cannot reach. These include shoulders, necks, arms, legs, and feet. The airbags squeeze, compress, knead, roll, and swing the body. 

By compressing, the airbags relax muscles in a wave-like motion. As well as pushing the muscles deeper into the rollers. 

Kneading with airbags increases circulation by simulating human fingers. Some airbags can provide rotation of different areas, such as the lower back. When inflated, an airbag pushes your lower back forward. And a second airbag rotates one side of your hip, releasing your lower back.

Rather than using massage rollers, airbag massage chairs use airbags. Airbags provide a softer massage that doesn’t reach deep muscles. 

All the factories are saying they are producing 3D massage chairs. Can you tell the difference?


In general, the massage chair uses a roller mechanism to perform massage. On some models, the roller mechanism carries the rollers vertically. And with 3D technology, the rollers can extend as far as five inches.

Using a 3D massage chair, you can control both the intensity and depth of the massage. For the most intense, most aggressive deep tissue massage.

Airbags and roller massage chairs have their limitations. But, most massage chairs use both mechanisms. 

A 3D massage chair offers many benefits. They provide deep tissue massages and have real-life experience in human massage therapy. Massage chairs with 3D rollers have up to five different intensities.

As a result, you can select how hard the rollers push into your back. Also, you can set how deep the massage rollers will go into your back muscles. 

How to identify whether the chair you buy is a 3D massage chair?

Check the structure of the mechanism 

Check if there is a motor for an extra push in and out.

 The 3D massage technology motors allow the roller heads to protrude from the track to massage areas that are typically not reached by your average chair. You can adjust the distance between the rollers and the muscles.

The roller in a 2D system can only move up and down a massage track and adjust for width. On the other hand, a 3D massage roller can do everything a 2D roller can, plus it moves in and out, adding a new dimension.

Check if there is an airbag system for the push in and out.

The airbags of a 3D massage chair are positioned in areas where the roller technology will not work well on the massage chair.

These airbags perform deep massaging, covering a larger area of massage. And it allows you to adjust the intensity of their operation.

All the factories are saying they are producing 3D massage chairs. Can you tell the difference?

Check whether the massage program has shiatsu. Or other backward and forward massage function

Shiatsu aims to achieve a state of homeopathy by balancing body energy.  During Shiatsu Massage, pressure application is toward specific points on the body. That helps to relieve tension and pain. Shiatsu (finger pressure) massage is a Japanese healing treatment. Using, the thumbs, fingers, elbows, and knees to concentrate pressure on the body. 3D massage chairs have the features of replicating and performing the Shiatsu massage. 

Benefits of 3D massage chairs

There is a lot of popularity nowadays among 3D massage chairs. That is due to an extra dimension where the rollers can extend further to provide a stronger massage.

There are more than 5inches of intensity range provided by 3D massage chairs. So they can push further into your back than traditional 2D massage chairs.

Another benefit of 3D massage is that the intensity can be reduced to make it very gentle. With this wide range of intensity options, this chair is common in households with more than one user. The reason is that every user can find an intensity level that is comfortable for them. 


Lots of factories producing massage chairs claimed to be producing 3D massage chairs. But, 3D massage chairs offer some features not present in regular massage chairs. 

The 3D massage mechanism is an improvement over the 2D massage chair. A 3D massage chair has massage rollers that move along the X, Y, and Z axes. 

There are two main types of massage chair mechanisms available in 3D technology. The pneumatic and roller technology.

Airbags positioning is throughout the chair to provide relief throughout the entire body. These airbags can reach areas that rollers cannot.

All the factories are saying they are producing 3D massage chairs. Can you tell the difference?

The roller mechanism on some models can extend up to four inches vertically. And 3D technology allows the rollers to extend as far as possible. Most massage chairs use both mechanisms. 

A 3D massage chair offers deep tissue massages. It provides a realistic experience of human massage therapy. With massage chairs with 3D rollers, you can adjust the intensity up to five different levels. These features make 3D massage different from 2D massage chairs. 

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